p a x
l e t a l e
At Pax Letale, an awakening has begun. As these gods rediscover themselves and each other, the seemingly invisible but ubiquitous management tracks each of them quite closely, and the very building itself seems to have an agenda of its own. And as the gods made humans in their own image - or humans made them in theirs - so will the the behavior of the people of Pax turn as dark as their deities. Blood, strife, sex, petty plots, torture - even murder will wind their ways into Pax Letale.
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07:31 am: [info]eristic bb and the no good, very bad, awful day
06:44 pm: [info]devourer getting away with murder - 3 comments
12:44 pm: [info]coyoti it's a lie, it's a lie
12:48 pm: [info]eristic stop looking at the floor - 7 comments
01:13 am: [info]polytropus and I've been traveling through the dirt and the grime - 2 comments
10:43 am: [info]devourer you know the sleeping feel no more pain
10:45 am: [info]praxidike you can count on me like one two three
08:16 am: [info]praxidike you can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea
11:53 am: [info]freyr the things they see in me, I cannot see myself
06:18 pm: [info]eristic the world moves on, another day, another drama, drama
06:23 pm: [info]coyoti so if i come to your door
02:22 pm: [info]eristic i don't like your little games - 1 comment
09:32 am: [info]praxidike just call on me, sister, when you need a hand
08:09 am: [info]chernobog Tall dark and handsome, a cigar in your mouth