p a x
l e t a l e
At Pax Letale, an awakening has begun. As these gods rediscover themselves and each other, the seemingly invisible but ubiquitous management tracks each of them quite closely, and the very building itself seems to have an agenda of its own. And as the gods made humans in their own image - or humans made them in theirs - so will the the behavior of the people of Pax turn as dark as their deities. Blood, strife, sex, petty plots, torture - even murder will wind their ways into Pax Letale.
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08:30 am: [info]inclinedfear In the Morning I'll Be With You
05:30 pm: [info]sheltering_sky Let’s Rest Awhile Inside the Cave - 18 comments
08:30 pm: [info]ladyofaralu it's a language i can't understand
06:51 am: [info]jormungandr In Útgarðar the Ancient Live... - 23 comments
07:35 am: [info]plumageablaze ancient warnings forged in the void of night - 15 comments
11:39 am: [info]counterbalance and the landscape of merry and desperate drought; - 18 comments
07:50 pm: [info]obscurityfalls And there is no point, no use putting up a fight - 16 comments
06:11 pm: [info]pavornocturnus deep into that darkness peering - 12 comments
06:51 pm: [info]atrickstertype Stuck in the Middle With You - 30 comments
01:24 am: [info]atrickstertype What Fates Impose, That Men Must Needs Abide - 13 comments
01:48 pm: [info]inclinedfear She’s a Bad, Bad Girlfriend
10:53 am: [info]eternalearth Love is wrapped around my heart like a boa constrictor - 20 comments
05:57 pm: [info]chernobog The Consequence is Hanging There
11:57 pm: [info]inclinedfear Please Mr. Jailer
08:02 am: [info]miaiphonos welcome to war
08:03 am: [info]solsken If I Stumble
08:05 am: [info]chernobog Is this the Region, this the Soil, the Clime,
10:57 am: [info]miaiphonos I must admit...
04:22 pm: [info]inclinedfear Well, this is awkward. - 15 comments
08:28 am: [info]inclinedfear A Feeling At My Fingertips
08:23 pm: [info]atrickstertype Laughing as the Spirits Appear - 16 comments
12:10 am: [info]obscurityfalls Lies a body just oozin' life - 26 comments
07:54 am: [info]inclinedfear Just Walk Away
11:07 am: [info]inclinedfear Does That Make Me Crazy?
02:31 pm: [info]chernobog Light fades, another day left
10:31 pm: [info]sifwheat BEST DAY EVER! - 24 comments
12:10 am: [info]miaiphonos And If You Think There Is Shelter in This Attitude - 9 comments
11:57 pm: [info]madamdeath there's a bend in the wind - 12 comments
03:36 pm: [info]eristic my beloved monster and me / we go everywhere together
09:06 pm: [info]tranquilstrife When the moon is high - 6 comments
10:58 am: [info]ladyofaralu Bigmouth Strikes Again - 9 comments
01:53 pm: [info]full_of_stars Unknown the Unlit World of Old - 9 comments
10:25 pm: [info]eternalearth It had me low, and it had me down - 18 comments
10:24 pm: [info]eristic bit by bit i've realized - 21 comments
11:09 pm: [info]tranquilstrife Lost - 16 comments
01:04 pm: [info]philommeides Don't be scared, don't be scared, baby...
08:27 pm: [info]manen with great power comes great responsibility
04:52 pm: [info]tranquilstrife I’m a loaded gun - 16 comments
07:10 pm: [info]philommeides Let's go downtown and watch the modern kids... - 15 comments
07:14 pm: [info]eristic Mistaken Identity
08:25 pm: [info]baronsamedi Going to a Dead Man's Party, Pt 1 - 128 comments
08:37 pm: [info]baronsamedi Going to a Dead Man's Party, Pt 2 - 10 comments
07:23 pm: [info]ladyofaralu happy birthday, happy birthday...
07:11 am: [info]sheltering_sky and when that day comes, I'll become the sea, I'll become the sky - 4 comments
08:36 pm: [info]philommeides I know that she is made of smoke...
10:36 pm: [info]manen Step slowly, you know that you fall between - 12 comments