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l e t a l e
At Pax Letale, an awakening has begun. As these gods rediscover themselves and each other, the seemingly invisible but ubiquitous management tracks each of them quite closely, and the very building itself seems to have an agenda of its own. And as the gods made humans in their own image - or humans made them in theirs - so will the the behavior of the people of Pax turn as dark as their deities. Blood, strife, sex, petty plots, torture - even murder will wind their ways into Pax Letale.

November 9th, 2010


Lovers Rock

Who: Ares and Aphrodite
What: at least 2000 years of pent up sexual tension
Where: The Empty Grave, Samuel's truck, Samuel's poor apartment
When: 10/31 - 11/1 9 p.m. until the break'a break'a dawn
Warnings: Dood, so much sexing. Just. So much.
Notes: 1. Continued from here.

2. Aphrodite is in her full aspect - so if you want your characters to get amorous during this time period, this is a pretty good excuse for them to get down (like they needed one)!

3. Also worth noting: Enyalios is one of Ares' ancient titles; it means "Warlike" or "Lord of War." Areia is one of Aphrodite's ancient titles, and it means "of Ares" or "Ares'." :D

'Let me feel you, Areia.' )