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    Saturday, June 9th, 2007
    11:49 am
    my (sketchy) vision of the project

    - add extra information to the posts in a way which allows easily extract it later and make graphs out of it, which will allow tracking the correlation (or lack of the correlation) between different factors

    - it has to be compatible with the existing LJ engines and clients (i.e. the post with additional information should look like a regular post and can be processed in regular means)

    More details:

    - some information can be user-entered, such as:
    mood level (let's say from 1 to 10, 1=worst, 10=best) (it has to be numerical, as the standard "moods" are useless in terms of statistics)
    physical state, sicknesses, periods (for females)

    - other information can be added automatically, such as:
    - moon phases
    - weather

    - the extra data has to be embedded in the user's post because we can't add it as standard post attributes like tags and mood, because we don't control the LJ engine and don't want to host a new LJ-clone

    - the charts can be created offline using an offline archive of posts. Assuming we use LogJam, the chart application can be a standalone Linux app, it should be able to produce images to include into posts. But maybe there's a more interesting way?

    - a possible way to embed the data: using special tags e.g. [mj-mood]8[/mj-mood] [mj-moon]10%[/mj-moon]. Users can prefer to hide some data (sickness, periods), then it can be encrypted and hidden in the post using span style="display:none". It can be a good idea to hide the mj-tags too, or display some comments on their place.

    - maybe let the user track whatever they want, not necessarily a predefined set of tags; and the user is not required to track everything which is available (for example, if the user doesn't give a damn about weather correlations, it doesn't make sense to slow down the program by connecting to the weather server every time).

    Ideas, comments, corrections?
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