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customs until someone explains discord to me [22 Sep 2018|09:22am]


Who's watching American Horror Story?
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attention for customs [20 Sep 2018|07:31am]

the slow season officially started, in the next two weeks i'm going to wrap up the rest of these jobs and make sure the trucks are ready for the winter. woke up too early this morning and made a dozen and ten burnt pancakes. guess it's a breakfast burrito on my way to the first walk through.
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group text: [info]lainep, [info]kyrae, [info]clver, [info]kittf [12 Sep 2018|07:09pm]

sooo would you guys be available to venture down to city hall at 4 pm tomorrow to witness laine and i exchange vows?
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Customs. [11 Sep 2018|06:02pm]

Apparently, certain bars in this town can't be bothered to stock Budweiser. What was the last bit of bullshit you've heard?
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[11 Sep 2018|07:07pm]

my kid and i took a nap after school and i had a dream that this cop guy kept following us around and he stopped me and was showing me pictures of her saying he was really her dad. it was weird as fuck. also, there were flies attacking us. my brain is weird.
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customs for everyone! [10 Sep 2018|09:25pm]

since this debate was happening in my office today, i'm gonna bring it here for you people:

pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or salted caramel?

this debate lasted for like three hours and might've broken up at least one office friendship if you want to get an understanding of just what kind of fucking boring ass people i work with. if you don't care about fall flavors, tell me stupid stories from work so i don't feel like i'm the only one living in an episode of the office.
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Mayhem is fun.When I don't have to behave. [10 Sep 2018|08:09pm]

This is Anastasi and Iwork for the Swat team. Don't let that fool you one bit. When my shift ends ,the night wolf begins running the streets. My loyalty belongs to the mc for everything they did for my family. In my time off from both you can find me in the clubs dancing. Hey dollars go there.
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[10 Sep 2018|07:06pm]

thank god monday is over! i'm stasci. if you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? i want to be on the beach with a margarita.
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september is velociraptor awareness month, jsyk [10 Sep 2018|05:13pm]

hey, i'm kaegan. you've probably seen me at gage's mixing drinks or getting white girl wasted and singing karaoke. sorry?

so, halloween is right around the corner. do you dress up? hand out candy? marathon horror movies? indulge in sexy werewolf roleplay? tell me everything.
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[08 Sep 2018|10:09pm]


like when she shows up at my house, yelling that i told her i would pick up the kids. then yells when i tell her that we never made an arrangement. it took her 5 minutes to get off my porch when all she had to do was drop the kids off and leave.
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[08 Sep 2018|09:49am]
i have been getting up at 6:30am for as long as i can remember. yet, today, i can't wait til naptime more than i've probably ever looked forward to it. and its still about 4 hours away...
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[08 Sep 2018|09:33am]

just to clear things up, when you wake me up and demand that i get up to cook breakfast - you shouldn't be surprised when i end up going outside to fire up my grill to make it. apparently, this was a surprise to someone this morning. still a better breakfast than anything you can cook inside.
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[08 Sep 2018|07:37am]

Hello, everyone. I'm Simone, your friendly neighborhood shrink. I already know a bit about some of you, a bit more about others, and nothing at all about some. Whatever the case, I'd love to get to know you better. So come answer some questions.

right this way )
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