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Insanejournal Hates Me [10 Aug 2017|05:42pm]

They are jealous of me, that's all. My history is too spectacular for them to allow me to post it.

Have trouble posting a reply in HDC

Thor... [06 Feb 2017|08:38am]

Can I play with your hair? )

Random Sunday Thought [06 Nov 2016|09:01pm]

To distract from politics on Facebook I tasked myself on another thing today...

did you ever sit and wonder when your character's birthdays were? Even roughly so? Because the calendars are obviously different. Most ancient calendars are agriculturally based, but I mean more off our Gregorian calendar.

Well, I did. Because, as Kate would say, of course I did. So here. Look, mock, discuss, contribute. Whaevs...

Ninkasi - mid-March: because of how it coincides with ancient Meso planting/harvest of barley schedule and close to st Pat's Day for added lulz
Enlil - early-January: since how his festival calendar was arranged and his favoring of winter in primary sources (equator-ally, still winter at same there)
Enyo - Somewhere near Halloween: I dunno. Just works in my head. More now than in ancient times. Though, that does align pretty close with the month associated with Ares in the ancient calendar and his birthday, so, it does line up nicely.
Harm - early-September: because my gut thinks that debacle with the net had to be a bored winter activity for her parents.
Hedy - There's no sense to it, but early-October: because he was born to love the chill and sweaters of Northern Europe.
Iris - She seems late September to me.
Styx - Something says early-July to me: Especially since while modern recons do not follow it, this time of the year had a celebration of the defeat of Kronos, a time of great personal sacrifice and slaves/servants were allowed to dine as one of the family with their masters. Almost like foreshadowing.
Zeus - Mid-April: to coordinate with his ancient birthday celebration in ancient Greece
Frigg - I like to think she was a Beltain baby, even though that is the completely wrong festival calendar. She would lie about it if it wasn't, just to get more sex on her birthday.
Loki - Early-June: Summer, heat, fire. All works.
Taweret - Mid August: to coordinate with the festival of the inundation of the Nile, which she did have a hand in as it suited her (depending on your interpretation of the Eye of Re story)

this needs a caption [07 Oct 2016|09:55pm]


For funsies [01 Oct 2016|10:47pm]

Text To: Lottie, the Parents, & the Styxlings

Surprise! )

Hey! HEY! Lottie... *snort* [13 Sep 2016|07:58am]

How do we make this happen?

For... um...


Yeah. That sounds good. For charity.

Yep. We can... sell them.

... for


Harmonia: o.O ... *quietly* I'll take two

OMG YES!! [14 Mar 2016|09:28pm]

On this Mondayest Monday of all Mondays... a bit of random...

When Kasi has a housewarming, in the future... ever... She's having one of these.

And maybe a bounce house, too. Because omg.

We Needz the Lulz [05 Jan 2016|12:17pm]

Sorry, Cary, I can't help you here. None of yours would get this sent to them. I can't help it that Kate's characters just GET Kasi more. Nergal and Enlil should plot... er something.

For Kate, my dear, please... laugh. I'll laugh. I thought of you as soon as I saw this.

Group Text To: Cap'n Hotpants, Hugs McGee, Cuddles

Yeah yeah we all hate group txts.

I know.

But I needed to share this omgrightnao to those that would love it most!



<3 <3 <3

This is a thing? That exists? [17 Dec 2015|01:09pm]

Not bored, but need a mood lift and... I found this on Twitter and Reddit at about the same time a bit ago...

Amusingly after yesterday's bit of random...


Alright, I don't know who started this... I don't know why... but... *raises hands and claps*

Bravo! This. Is. AMAZING! I approve! I have no idea why this is a thing now, but LOVE IT!!! Free bar tab for you, whomever, until I decide to revoke it. :D

Kray-- Did you see this?! Look! lol!

So awesome. It's like something I would do. )

Humpday Silliness Because Eff Everything [16 Dec 2015|06:21pm]

I need some silly, don't you?

I put this here because I didn't think we needed to make this game canon. But if we want to, tell me and I can move it. That won't take long.


*Sent to everyone she would know/trust/like enough to send to*

Did anyone leave a box at my front door with this in it?

*photo attached*

Because... I don't get it. What does it mean?


I'm melting, I'm melting [23 Jul 2015|08:11pm]


Happy Thursday! In honor my melting all day and not getting much done, but acing an interview for a 2nd job to teach dance -whoo!, Ninkasi has some silliness for you all. Enjoy!

Really, she shouldn't be left unattended anywhere... )

Hi! [23 Jun 2015|06:27pm]

I survived the Ren Faire. I miss everyone. So do my critters. Really. They do. Especially this girl right here. She does. Which is why she's posting .... this...


I'm just gonna... leave this... right here... for ... Thor... to have... a laugh or two at... and not... get mad.. because it is funneh... )

Is this thing on? *tap tap* [22 May 2015|06:51pm]

Seems like everyone is crazy busy right now. Is anyone out there?

Ancient Sumerian Proverb: "The journey was difficult. But the beer was worth it!"

Important Post! [11 Apr 2015|08:32pm]

Please log-in to view, as it's friendlocked.

[10 Apr 2015|09:00pm]


Happy Friday, I hope everyone is well.

For several reasons, it's been quite hiatus for me and my kids. I was going to post for them and those smarter than I suggested I throw it here first to see if anyone would like to plot with something first. Ambitiously, I want to play with everyone. Realistically, we'll take it one thread at a time. lol.

First, welcome Mel, I hope you're having fun with everyone. I'm sure you've found already but they are great folks.

Generally, on a personal note, I would love any plot with the family and/or friends but new friends are always good too. us

Since it's been a while, here they are:

Nike ([info]ladyvictory) - Goddess of Victory, daughter of Styx and sister to Kratos, Bia and Zelos. She is also historically Zeus' chariot driver, and is very friendly toward most people. She's protective of her family but 'mostly' laid back. Just don't challenge her to an archery contest :)

Peitho ([info]peitho_dot_com) - Personification of Persuasion. The Goddess of Seduction and Charming Speech; she is the daughter of Prometheus and Aphrodite, Aphrodite's messenger and she took care of the Erotes when they were little. She is very passionate, adores her siblings, and well most people, and likes cows (no comment *AHEM*).

And finally there is Eros ([info]cupidos) - god of Love, son of Aphrodite and Ares, and as I saw in one site, essentially her minion lol He loves what he does, for the most part, and aside from a few, makes no apologies for who and how he is, which is/can be something of a troublemaker to some :) he's Eros for goodness sake.

And that's about it.


Oh! Kate, Cary, I realise that my older email is listed on the contact page; it still works but could we update it to which is my main email now?

[24 Mar 2015|08:24am]

Heya, all, does anyone want to do some threads with Sif here? I'm kinda low on the plotty plotty goodness!

HAHA! Thursday! [19 Mar 2015|10:48am]

When was the last time one of these happened? Too damn long? I thought so. Well, something showed up in my work email, one of those daily "did you know" things, so I felt it was appropriate to share:

Ninkasi would like it known that today is:

Celebrated annually around the world, March 19th is Let’s Laugh Day.

We have all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”. So this is the day to take your medicine.

Some studies have shown that laughter may boost your immune system, relieve tension and help you relax. Who does not need any of those things in our busy and hectic world?

So March 19th, let us all laugh all day!

Kasi loves to laugh. It's one of her favorite things to do. Making her laugh is pretty easy: good jokes, bad jokes, well-intended teasing... as long as no one gets hurt in the end, she's good.

What makes everyone else laugh?

Hello! [09 Mar 2015|09:37pm]

Hi there! I'm Kate, and this is Coyote. He's a pretty awesome guy, a lot of fun, very helpful, loves a good time... though you might want to watch your wallet around him. And your wife. He can be a bit on the sly side. Just a smidge. But really, he does it so people can learn, because he just a nice guy that way. :)

Take a gander at his journal for his application, and then let me know who wants to play with my happy new pup!

Tuesday Sillies Because... Reasons, That's Why [17 Feb 2015|09:39pm]

Ninkasi would like me to interrupt your regularly scheduled week to tell all her beer-loving friends that she just discovered that this exists. And the lovely people who took the original hymn and put it to music have a link within that link to the sheet music and said beer-loving friends should form a band and perform this for her for her next birthday...

whenever that falls. She's not sure. The calendars are all weird and it's a headache to figure out. That happens when you are like... a gazillion. :P

Anyway, she says... get on that.

Especially, Thor. She's heard him a drunken karaoke.... and this is a fucking drinking song.. dedicated to HER. GET ON THAT!

Sumerians... inventors of pub songs. Ireland has nothing on them. Ha!

Seriously, I've listened to it like... 9 times in a row, I kind of love it. It just came up in my "recommended" list today. YouTube gets me.

~ Dawn

She demanded to be brought back [15 Feb 2015|06:55pm]

Yes, this is Cary and I have brought Artemis back into the game. She's the same as she was. Which for new peoples means snarky, carefree, and without any level of shits given.

And yes, still a virgin.

She would love to take anyone hunting or to a baseball game.

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