Sep. 13th, 2009


Goth Gardening

“Bewilderingly, there is a comm called "Goth gardening." (How the hell do you do that? Plant only black flowers? Weed out the beds at night? Think depressed thoughts while you water the rows and watch the little saplings grow happily? Plant vegetables in graveyards? Fertilise with the ashes of dead loved ones?)”

Context wears patchouli perfume.

Feb. 8th, 2008



With the sudden increase in traffic InsaneJournal is getting, it probably won't be unusual to see the site down every now and then, at least until there's enough servers to handle the current traffic and IJ's impending growth.

Since I know how frustrating it can be to see the site there one second and gone the next and to feel like there's no way to figure out what's going on, I'd like to remind everyone that there is one way to keep up with the site when it's down. Bookmark this page:

Squeaky updates that page almost instantly if there's a problem, and keeps updating it until any downtime issues are resolved. It's an excellent way to keep up with IJ's status in realtime.

Please help get the URL out for [info]squeaky's Twitter page: post a link for it (or put a link to this post) in your IJ and/or UserInfo. Thanks.

Edit: Forgot since this is like MetaQuotes that I should post the original link for where I found this information, but now that I'm looking around IJ, I can't recall where I first saw it. Probably in [info]announcements...if anyone knows of a place where I could post this where it would be more on-topic, let me know.

Jan. 8th, 2008


First one? :D

Context: I posted an entry a while ago about a trip I was going on, and mentioned something about booking a room in a hostel. [info]auberginedreams left the following comment (post with permission.)

"Wait, wait, wait.

Isn't a hostel, like, a prostitution service?

Or am I just behind the times?"

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