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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

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    (these apply to both guests and members)

    Respect one another. No flaming. No drama. There are plenty of places on the web where you can brangle to your heart's content. This is not one of them, this is a place for friends and fun.

    Keep it PG-13 clean in the public areas, including sigs and icons.

    No spam. Not in sigs, not in icons, not in posts, not in comments. Not anywhere.

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    Character Creation
    The world of Gotham by Night is our own, only darker. There are no superpowers. There are no aliens, vampires, elves, or gods. Batman may be a highly trained, very smart, Olympic-level athlete, but at the end of the day, he's only human.

    Skill levels should be in keeping with the character's age. Intensive training, especially in combat, from childhood is rare and should have a good reason behind it. Batman was the first costumed vigilante. Others may have been long planning to seek justice or revenge, but he was the first to put on a mask and take to the streets. There are no children of retired vigilantes following in their parent's footsteps and no Pros stopping in from Dover.

    Any introduction of (or changes in) involvement or connection with a character currently in play must be okayed by that character's player.

    As was Batman Begins, Gotham by Night is a reboot and a reimagining. Characters should not be packing along steamer trunks full of canon continuity baggage. This is an opportunity to take them back to their roots and let them grow in your hands. Be creative!

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    To apply, complete the bio form and post it or a link to it in a comment here.
    Posting Format Guidelines
    Posts should be in third person past tense. Bold and italic may be used for emphasis, but please do not change the font face, size, or color.

    All threads should have a header listing Date & Time, Place, and Characters Involved. If the content of the thread goes beyond a PG-13 rating, a Warning should be included as well.
    Taken, Wanted, & Reserved
    While any DCU characters that can be adapted to fit into the Batman Begins world are welcome, there are some that are especially sought.

    Players, feel free to post here requesting folks you'd love to see.

    Also, appers can reserve characters by replying to this post with the name of the character they'd like to reserve. Reservations will last for one week and may be extended once.

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