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OC Creation [04 Aug 2008|09:10pm]

Please try to use names not used in Canon.

Abilities must Vary from Canon characters in some way.

Taken Abilities

Taken Powers

Held Abilities

Held Powers
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PB taken and hold [04 Aug 2008|09:08pm]


Navi Ravat

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Application [04 Aug 2008|07:26pm]

This is the Application form to be completed in full

Character Information

Canon or Original Character:

Nickname: (If different from Codename)
Sexuality: (Homosexual, Hetrosexual, Assexual, Bi-sexual,)
Place of Birth:

Mutant Ability: (What is your characters Mutant Ability? Put N/A if they are human)
Non Mutant Ability: (Is you character a Dancer? A genius? Or do they get powers from a stone? Are they a ninja? Etc.)
Connection to other characters: (Run in with Wolverine as a child? Scott Summer's long lost brother? Etc.)
Group affiliation: X-men, Student, Government, Brotherhood, Other

Personality: (At least a Paragraph)
History: (At least Two Paragraphs)

Plans for Character:
Anything Else

Looks: (Physical description; Tattoos, piercings, clothing, hair, scars etc)
PB: (A person who Plays the Character)

Player Information

Player Pen name:
Role Play Experience:
Journal: [info]___
First Person Roleplay example: (Two Paragraphs please)
Third Person Roleplay example: (Two Paragraphs Please)
Anything Else:

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