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the cowboy pb icon community run by ~andrewryan and ~walburga, where actors wearing wide-brimmed hats and spurs are bound to make an appearance. the code of conduct here is simple: don't hotlink or modify, but do credit and say howdy!
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PB: Joseph Fiennes [Wed Jul 2009 @ 1:54am]

Joseph Fiennes from the movie Dust!

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PB: Jay Tavare [Fri Jul 2009 @ 1:19am]

One more from The Missing!

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PB: Ben Foster [Fri Jul 2009 @ 2:13am]

There plenty more where this came from, as I am planning to do a Part Two given that I've barely even covered half the movie yet. D: The story of this man and his crazy long eyelashes must be told!

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pb: christian bale [Thu Jun 2009 @ 12:55am]

None of you saw this coming, am I right?

Christian Bale x35 )
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pb: guy pearce [Wed Jun 2009 @ 4:05pm]

Guy Pearce in The Proposition, which is not a "western," but there are wide-brimmed hats, guns, horses, bromance gone horrifically wrong, and, hey, Australia has a west somewhere too -- so it COUNTS, okay? Anyway! He is nasty and raggedy and filthy as fuck and still hot as hell (which just spat him out, by the looks of him).

Guy Pearce x25 )
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PB: Alan Tudyk [Mon Jun 2009 @ 10:17pm]

I am officially catching that 3:10 to Yuma icon train! I adore this fella for his general, well, adorableness, and especially for all the faces he makes (which seem to alternate between "I am about to sneeze" and "I am about to wet myself" in this movie).

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pb: Russell Crowe [Sat Jun 2009 @ 5:29pm]

Yes, I am cross-posting my own icons from my general PB community. It's for the sake of posterity! And for keeping all the cowboys together, especially the boyos from 3:10.

Russell Crowe x60. )
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pb: logan lerman [Thu Jun 2009 @ 11:07am]

This cute kid is Bale's son in 3:10 to Yuma, which is next to impossible to icon thanks to all the night-time scenes and deep saturation. Well, one tries!

Logan Lerman x40 )
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pb: aaron eckhart [Thu Jun 2009 @ 1:59am]

BEHOLD the man and his rock solid jaw. Also from the 2003 film The Missing:

Aaron Eckhart icons x31 )
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pb: sheila tousey [Thu Jun 2009 @ 1:53am]

Also known as Martha from the film Ravenous (easily one of my favourites throughout anything ever):

Sheila Tousey icons x24 )
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pb: evan rachel wood [Thu Jun 2009 @ 1:34am]

Lacking a bottle of champagne, I hereby christen this community with the next best thing: icons of Evan Rachel Wood from The Missing!

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