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Okay Folks [16 Apr 2016|04:14pm]

From here on out, we are a dressing room sandbox game. Use the oh_marvelous comm for all threading, memes, and what_ifs. If you want to keep doing stuff in the barrier universe just tag it with !verse: base. Since we've got it all established, we may as well just use it as a base. If you think you'll replay in any of the universes you're writing in, make up a universe name and tag it with !verse:___ <--- whatever you name your universe, like noir, PR, teahouse, butts, etc. Any iteration of a character can remain under the !___ <---character name tag.

There's no limits, you can be any version of your characters or characters nobody else is playing. If you need a journal added to the community, then join here. Whenever you add a character just tell me who it is, and I'll keep a running list of who has what journal in the player page.

As ever, f-lock your smut, though.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to put up stuff anytime, but I'll make sure there's some kind of new group thing (meme or what_if type thing) put up every couple weeks.


I am a fan of using tumblr memes to do character stuff [15 Jan 2016|04:38pm]

This isn't really a meme, just something you can...do. I thought it would shake out some cobwebs or illuminate hidden corners or whatever while we re-acquaint ourselves with these guys. I can add/post more of these as I find them if you're into it. Feel free to talk to each other/thread a bit about some of your answers, man, go for it.

  • Describe your usual morning routine.

  • Impersonate one of your friends.

  • Name two things you think go well together and why.

  • List three aspects of your personality that you love.

  • Confess the most recent crime you committed.

  • Describe your ideal wedding.

  • Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own. (Either find one or describe it)

  • Name one of your guilty pleasures.

  • List two of your dream travel locations and why.

  • Recall the worst insult you've ever received.

  • Post a photo of your favorite outfit. (Polyvore?)

  • Describe an incident when you tried something new.

Reeeeboot. [02 Jan 2016|01:25am]

Allright, folks, let's talk about a reboot. Here are the things that'll likely happen with it and changes I'll be making:


This was a lot, I am sorry. Questions! Comments! Concerns! And let's start deciding what characters we want, and figuring out the "Game History" based on who we're keeping. Don't feel obligated to keep any character for anybody else, this is a new start, clean slate. Do what feels best for you and makes you want to play.

Edit: Okay so thinking about the "origin" thing, I feel two things should be clarified.
First, although we're doing the 3:1 day thing, and time passes so we can do you know seasons and holidays, as far as character ages the actual aging thing doesn't need to happen unless it's relevant for your plot. Be "mid 20s" or "late 30s" or whatever forever.
Second, so when I say origins I mean more like adapting the origin story, but letting us all have a clean slate. Basically that your origin story has happened but other canon "stuff" you'd have to slog through in 616 to build a character history hasn't. If your origin requires that your character be particularly young, but you don't want them to be, we can easily develop work-arounds for that. You're totally allowed to retool and build your history by pulling from canon.

Edit 2: Basically ignore the origins thing, I realize it doesn't necessarily work for everybody well (which isn't to say you can't use it, but you don't have to). As long as we can work it in and write it down, it's fine. Open super-heroing as a concept can be newer in the world (newer as in five years to a decade versus like 50+ years of forever like in comics), which isn't to say that super-powered individuals haven't been around for awhile, doing their stuff quietly.

...The end? [07 Dec 2015|08:19pm]

Okay folks, serious talk. Are we finished? If we are, that's fine, we had a long run and it was fun. If we're not, that's fine too, I'm willing to keep trying if everyone else is. I just want to know definitively what everybody wants.

Again I'm willing to keep going, but everyone has to want it, too. We can make monumental changes, we could even do a full reboot, whatever everyone thinks would work. Or we can end with several years of good times and memories. If we do end the game proper, we could keep the What If for memes, AUs, or scenes/drabbles between characters and just be able to keep casually writing with each other. I would still love to write with everybody in whatever capacity you want to. Regardless of what we decide, it's been great and I love you all <3


-Overarching plot & structure/narrower scope/setting-wide plot to go alongside character-focused (trapped in NYC with wormholes spitting out monsters and leading to weird places/making weird stuff happen in NYC?)
-Non-real time (set up calendar to follow)
-No-Xmen, lol

I've been watching nothing but Miss Fisher's murder mysterys [27 Oct 2015|09:20pm]



-College party and MURDER?
----A sorta 90s teen/young adult movie type of deal where someone is murdered by some masked so and so who likes to kill crazy sexy coeds it's up to us to solve this thing...it's totally Bruce who am I even kidding

- Agatha Christie's OH MARV
----We're on a train or at a party and then suddenly MURDER MOST FOUL One of us is a detective and plucky sidekick and the rest of us are suspects.

- Teahouse Halloween/ Wicked's birthday party...And then someone is murdered!
---Obvie this is her costume

-Something real simple like a trick or treat meme or something I dunno. I just got really sick of seeing my friend page blank. I miss everyone.

Or we all do our tags that is also a good treat.

Never Have I Ever [04 Oct 2015|11:42pm]

Never Have I Ever Meme

Adapted from here.

Everybody is stuck together at this party, and the host~ who brought us together suggests playing Never Have I Ever to break the ice. I'll start us out with several prompts, and everyone can feel free to add their own, either randomly generated or specific. Any character that's done that thing, reply with your character (or reply that that character is taking a shot), and others can pester them for details. It can be silly or serious or whatever you'd like, it's a conversational meme. Feel free to multi-thread from character confessions. For added entertainment, if you want it to be true to Never Have I Ever, your character can be getting drunk if you'd like. Here's a chance to learn anecdotes from friends, family, allies and enemies.

(Here's another site with suggestions).

FIVE THINGS MEME [26 Sep 2015|11:54pm]


Five Things

I'll never say

1. Post with your character.

2a. Respond to other characters with context, either IC or OOC. As in, define a situation to which they can respond with five things that had so far gone unsaid about the defined limits. This can be a moment in time, a character relationship, hypothetical philosophy, whatev.

2b. OR respond to other characters with just five random things you want to put out there.

3. React accordingly.

4. There are no rules about how to respond except it should be in groups of five. Honesty is not enforced, how the conversation takes place is up to the players (are you passing notes? Are you in an interrogation room? Are you dreaming?), and just because you are asked about something doesn't mean you have to start divulging details--maybe you have your own five questions.

5. Revelations ensue.

I'm putting this up now because of reasons.
From here.

Plague Plot Post [08 Sep 2015|10:48pm]

Join me )

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