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Aug. 2nd, 2009


Game Closed

We will leave all current members friended by the journal for those who want to still have access to f-locked posts. If you would like to be removed, please comment and we will remove you ASAP.

Jul. 28th, 2009


The Beginning of the End

Hey gang, I am coming to you all with mixed feelings and bad news. I know that earlier this month I insisted that the game is going to be here to stay, and believe me I would like nothing more than for it to continue in its former glory. However, things in the game have changed, and I believe most all of us have felt it. I have tried to give events and encourage plotting and interaction, but it just does not seem to be working.

This game has been truly incredible and the last thing I want is to see it slowly and painfully deflate. I recognize this and while I have tried to counter it, it is obviously not working. I feel it is time to face facts and acknowledge that we've had a truly incredible run and that we should end the game with a bang.

And you all know me. When I say "bang," I mean it quite literally.

That said, I apologize to those who have been consistently and enthusiastically playing, I love you all and I wish I had the know-how to give you the game you deserve. I also realize that there are story lines which are incomplete and I do not intend to screw you all over. I'm blowing the island up shutting the game down just yet, I plan to keep it going for a week or two to allow you all to close off any lines you have, do any of those 'someday' dream scenes you've been talking about, etc. So I am asking, how long do you all want this to be? A week? Two weeks?

After that I will launch a big dramatic event that you all will be encouraged to participate in. What does your character do when it all goes to hell? Time to find out. There is, of course, no way to demand you participate in this, but it should be fun either way.

Thank you all again for all your inputs to the game. I have genuinely enjoyed playing in and running this game, it is one I will forever remember and talk about.


Jul. 21st, 2009


Please welcome...

Edit: Hey all, I've come to inform that Natalya Annenkova ([info]lanista) has left the game due to OOC issues. Please send her some love and wish her a quick recovery for her back. She hasn't been written since before the Block went "boom," so we're going to add her to the list of fatalities from that event. So, one more reason to head to the Contacts Page and update.

We have a new face to the game! Please welcome Eric who will be picking up everyone's favorite Soviet Man of Steel, Colossus! This is Eric's first time in journal-based games, so please show him some love and be as helpful as you can! Colossus has been on the island for going on 15 years, but his big heart of gold won't let him buy into the system, as such he's ranked in Blue, but with Blue gone, housed in Red. Confused yet? He can be found at [info]eyes_of_iron, let's give him a big Blackline welcome!

That said, the Contacts Page has been updated, please add him to your lists!

Jul. 20th, 2009


Partay time~!

Ok, Islanders!

As you can see from this post, there are some parties going on on Revolve Friday! Owners, perfect time to get together and make frennimies! Owners are free to bring their mutant to the party, but keep in mind that mutants will be booted out of the Hotel if they misbehave (Wade). That surely can't be good for the owner's reputation!

The Mutant's Ball is going to be little more than a cheesy high school dance. No seriously. As much as the Scott twins try, it's going to be little more than paper streamers and punch bowls. Doesn't stop teenagers, why should it stop mutant prisoners from having some fun with it? This is, of course, just the setting, we're on an island full of people with powers, who's to say they can't spice up the party with some powers. ...or sneaked alcohol in the punch bowl? Keep in mind, repercussions for breaking rules will happen the next day, so make sure it's worth it!
Also, for those who don't have formal wear, through the magic of some unnamed mutant on Revolve, all purchased clothing will arrive in time for the dance! ... the magic of mutant powers. *shifty eyes* Unless, of course, you want to traumatize your character by their being the only one without a pretty outfit. That's fine too!

These will run like the Block reaction threads, with one starter post and everyone is free to tag off of that and form little groups, or split off into their own threads. So, start looking for dates, plotting to ruin the event or practicing stripping as fast as possible to streak!

Jul. 18th, 2009


Another darn mod post

But this one is happy news!

We have a new character on the island, Poppy has brought in Laura Kennly, AKA X-23. She has been living in Revolve all of her life, training and carrying out secret and bloody missions off island. But now it's time to see how she'll do in the pits, so she's been sent out to Red Block. You can find her journal at [info]innocencelost, so say hello and update your friends list!

Also, we are still missing plot journals for the following characters:

If you do have a plot entry for this character, then I fail and please link me so I can get it updated. I'm working on re-doing the links to make these easier to access, so bear with me. Thank you all~!


Ok, gang!

This period's activity checks are in, and we have sadly lost White Queen due to activity issues, so be sure to update your friends lists here. No other warnings had to be sent, so great job to all of you~!

I'm working on a new OOC meme to go up soon. Don't forget to add any lines you want to the Wanted Page and pimp among others for players to fill those lines. I have one, hopefully two big game!plots in the works, one which will happen shortly and one which will be much more long-term.

That said, my last 48 hours have been utter shit, including (but not limited to!) big family drama, messed up paperwork resulting in people trying to evict me and no TV, so! I'm a bit stressed, pissy and just flat worn down and I apologize if I'm short winded or snap at anyone. It is now the weekend and I plan to try and drink this all away soon enough. Keep up the great work.

Much love,
Modly David

Jul. 15th, 2009



So my good friend Hy who plays Natalya (IJ: Lanista) has hurt her back! She didn't give me all the details but she's confined to bed for a bit and wanted me to let you know she'll be on hiatus a little bit. She sends her apologies to anyone she was in a thread with and promises to pick things back up when she's able to sit up!


Hey guys, just a heads up. If you are not receiving your email notifications from IJ, especially if you use Gmail, check your spam folder. It seems like it's suddenly started filtering some.. but not all to spam... and with the new tools, it has actually started hiding the count of emails in the spam folder. If they are there, it's an easy fix of clicking the box and telling it 'not spam.' Hope it helps at least one person~!

Jul. 13th, 2009


Please welcome...

Hey Islanders! We have a new character in the game! Crys is bringing in her OC, Naiya Fayre, aka Mist who can be found at [info]misty_eyed! She's only been at Revolve a week and is ranked in Blue, but being housed in Green during the repairs. Send her a hello!

Quick reminder that Friday is our bi-weekly activity check. Also, don't hesitate to comment on any of the info entries for wanted owners, jobs or wanted characters!

Jul. 12th, 2009


Shipping Law

So, I did not want to have to post this as I love my players and trust you all to be reasonable. However, a quick sweep over recent activity and the amount of tags received in posts, this post has become necessary. I am not going to call anyone out in specific yet, however if this trend continues, warnings will be issued and may well result in characters and players being removed from the game. And without further delay, The official ATBL Shipping Laws. )

Jul. 11th, 2009


Hello, all!

David here, with news that Xi has just approved my new third character. He is serious, he is a bit of a ladies man, he is a mechanical genius and he wears short shorts~! He is the resident inventor who is responsible for Revolve's collars, I present to you quite possibly the most hated man on the island... Forge! Jonathan Silvercloud has been known primarily as "Forge" since the mid 80's and it is not currently known that he is a mutant, he is simply believed to be a very gifted mind. I'm still getting his profile prettied up so please don't mind the mess.

Forge can often be found in the bar after work, sipping on a double malt and unwinding from a long day. He lives on-island, in a penthouse suite in the Hotel, and is going to be very, very busy attempting to fix up the mess that Phoenix made. If any characters require specialized collars, he's going to be the one to rig it up. Anyone who has any plot ideas/suggestions/requests they are more than welcome to poke me, you know where to find me. Be sure to update your friends lists and all that good stuff. ;p

Jul. 10th, 2009


So, as Gibs has been written out of the game, this is the last post from this account. Lesob. T^T

However I feel the need to go out on a high note, as such, Gibs sends you all fond farewells (except for the big smelly asshole cat) and leaves you all with this!

Giblets loves you all! )


Game-wide event detailed

Hello, Islanders~!

This post is long so here is the TL;DR rundown:
Blue Block and half of Yellow Block are destroyed.
Blue Block mutants are mostly being housed in Green. Yellow Block mutants are mostly being housed in Red. If you want your Blue housed in Red or your Yellow housed in Black, please comment or they will be defaulted.
Multiple injuries to mutants and loss of lots of property. Plot accordingly.
List of named character and NPC deaths can be found here.
Humans must submit to a blood test upon returning to the island to prove they do not carry the X-gene.
Phoenix, Wild Child and Mastermind are all missing.
A group reaction thread is here, feel free to start individual tag lines off the main thread or start your own private one.
Further info, details and plot suggestions below~! )

David will be online all day to answer questions or offer ideas for how to react to this event. You are free to IM him or post questions you think others might have here to get answers. We can also throw up a group chat if you all would like to get together and figure out how groups of characters will react. We know we made some big promises, we hope this has lived up to them! ;)

Jul. 7th, 2009


Here to stay

Hey all!

It had recently come to my attention that some of our players are worried about if the game is going to be dying or closing any time soon. While it's very very true that we are all going to miss the hell out of Xi, we do plan to continue the game, and with her blessing. In fact, she plans to still help out with the game as much as possible from China, even if she is not directly playing herself. We have no plans of shutting down any time soon and want to assure you all that we plan to be here for quite a while. ATBL survived with a whopping total of four active players for several months, so long as we have a few dedicated players who will keep on writing, I can promise that I will keep on modding and coming up with all the events, plot and inspiration I can offer.

That said, I just finished writing up three new NPC's, outlining a string of events and compiling a list of suggestions for you lovely people, as our upcoming event will directly impact almost half of our characters, and will indirectly effect everyone else. This event will be happening on Friday and will have some long-term effects on the island. I won't say too much more now as it will be both written out and summarized afterwards, and the ZOMG! effect is half the fun~!

We do hope you will enjoy the plot and that the event will help settle any nagging concerns about the longevity of the game. I hope you will be as excited by it as we are!

Much love to you all~!
Mods David and Xi

Jul. 6th, 2009


Just an FYI~!

We are in the process of cleaning out the canon adoptables, so Rogue and Shadowcat are now available to be adopted with whatever background/history/etc you like. This decision was made because these characters have not been character-played/non NPC'ed for 4+ months, and their impact on the game has since faded out. Also, these are rather popular canons, so we want to make it easier for potential players to pick these up.

We are also going to be working on bringing in a few new Block Owner faces, but you will find out about this a bit later on. ;)

Jul. 4th, 2009


Just a status report on this period's activity check! You all are incredible and everyone passed, outside of one character, which belongs to a mod, no less. The appropriate warning was sent and all is good. Thanks for being so awesome. Thank you all again for jumping onto the plot line journals so quickly and enthusiastically! You guys rock.

Jul. 3rd, 2009


Hello again, lovely players! Your friendly mods here looking at the activity checks and noticing something that comes across as a bit worrysome. It seems we have had very few posts for the last tournement, and being that we had 11 entries for said tournement, all of which for people who voulenteered to be in the weekends tourney. I'm sure you understand. That being said, follow this link to remind yourself what you should be doing with your character, and please get the tagging done. I know the weekend is a holiday, but none of you have requested hiatus time, so we do expect that you will have either gotten to it or will have a place holder up and waiting for your return after the 4th of July.

For those of you who have already done this, feel free to ignore this post. Thank you for your consistency and your activity levels. It makes us smile to see you all being so aware of your plots, your timing, and your willingness to put forth the effort we are asking for. We look forward to reading all the finished threads and would love to see some people working hard to move their characters up the color blocks as their timing and writing could allow.

Activity checks are up again shortly, so you'll hear from us again in short order.

Until next time~

Your Loving Modly Types

Jul. 1st, 2009


As we're sure you've seen, we have lost another player, please send them warm thoughts and update your Friends List to keep things up to date. For those wondering, the recent OC's are going to be scripted out, we have a big event coming up which will account for most of them vanishing, so be ready for a high body count there!

Also, we have an update for the game/application which we think will be very useful to our players, as such we ask you current players to add this bit in. It should help easily generate some plot for everyone and help open communication lines more. The application now asks for three plot lines you would like to see played out with your character. This can be as complex, as difficult, as outlandish or as generalized as you would like, but it is a great way to find connections between other characters. We are going to put together an entry in the mod journal to collect them all together and make them easy to access, so please start putting yours together and throw up a link here!

Examples of these kind of entries can be found for Wild Child here and for Pixie here. These do not need to be done like, RIGHT NAO! but can be fun and interesting to see what your fellow players are up to. Please try and get these together in the next week or two. They can certainly list more than three plot points if you so desire, three is just a good starting point to get the wheels turning. They can be open for public view or friend locked, if they're public it's easier for those considering the game to start thinking toward plot. Link them here and we will get an official collection together soon!

Thanks for being awesome~!


Run for fear...

...'cause Sabretooth has entered the island!

That's right, ladies and gents, Steph has brought in her second character, the much dreaded, loved and hated Victor Creed. Because of his government involvement and his rather... dramatic entrance to Revolve, he has been moved to the Green Block to keep him away from the soft (and tasty!) Blue Blockers. Drop by the Contacts Page to update and say hello to [info]victor_creed_.

Also, don't forget that Friday is Activity Check time again! Make sure all your characters have posted on or after June 20th, and double check to make sure you have tagged all the threads you're involved in!

Jun. 30th, 2009


Another Firefox Goodie

Hey guys, I am throwing this little gem I just found out for you all. Meet Lazarus Form Recovery. You add it to your Firefox and guess what? It auto-saves everything you type for you. So, you know when you hit 'back' and it wipes your text? Or when IJ decides to time out and eat your post? You just right-click and select the text you want restored. Boom. It's back. That easily.

I'm totally geeking out. :B

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