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Who: Lills and Cash
What: Quality time, IDK
When: current time:
Where: Laura and Cash's place

Lills was finding herself with quite a bit of free time and was running out of things to keeps her attention for more than a few moments at a time. She finally decided to go check in on Laura, Cash and the pups, not realizing that Laura was out prior to knocking on their front door. She had wanted to talk with Cash anyway as she hadn't spoken to him since before she finally told Laura that she had taken the bite. Knocking softly on the door before her she waited patiently for someone to answer the door...


Who: Meg,Cormac,Rain and Lydia
What: Family gathering
Where: Meg and Cormac's house
When: Evening
Why: Meg wants to have the family over, and tell them her news
Rating:PG-13 in case there is swearing
Open: Only to those mentioned

Family time is the best time. )


Who: Lills and Laur
What: talking to each other about things
When: now
Why: Cause things need to be told

After Lills sent the last message to Laura she sighed and tried to steady her nerve as she waited for her cousin to arrive. She was nervous about the things that were going to be discussed between the two older Hale girls. As she paced by the door she began to fidget with her hair trying to ignore the anxiety eating away at her...


Who: Tony and Ziva
Where: Home and we'll see from there on
When: Evening
What: Tony has a very special birthday gift in mind for Ziva.
Rating: tbd

Tony is planning a surprise for Ziva... )


Who:Derek and Stiles
Where: Probs stiles place
What:Just derek being derek.

And you said rise above )


Who: Meg and Cormac
What: Their long awaited honeymoon
Where: their house
When: afternoon/evening
Why: do they need a reason?
Rating: putting NC-17 just in case
Open: just to them

“you’re )


Who: Grace and Tony
What: Brainy bonding time.
Where: Tony's place

Grace had taken down the information Tony had given her and made her way to his home. It was a little bit of a walk but nothing too terrible for Grace. She had made it to his front door in about twenty minutes or so. She was at the front door and looked at the bell but opted to knock before ringing the door bell in case he was close enough to the door to hear her small hand knocking.

She waited a few moment after she knocked and then pushed to button for the doorbell hoping she wasn't upsetting Tony my using the bell as it was a bit louder and more unusual that most normal bells. She waited patiently for someone to answer the door, humming softly to herself.


Who: Lills and Cash
What: Lills' "You hurt her I break you" speech and maybe lills finally getting used to her cousin's hubby.
When: Idk now?
Where Cash and Laura's place
Why: Cause I said so.

Laura had finally talked Lills into going over and getting to know Cash so that she wouldn't consider him an outsider anymore. After all he was Laura's husband and the father of Laura's pups. Lills was hopeful that this would go well but she knew that her protectiveness of her family would show itself and she would mostly likely end up storming out of the apartment refusing to ever acknowledge the man, no wolf again. Sighing She resolved herself to do her best to behave as she reached up to knock on the door.


Who: Caitlen and d'Artagnan
Where: Their House
What: Talking
Open to: Just them
Rating: PG at most

Something witty )


Who: Talia, Laura, and possibly the wee ones.
What: Quality bonding time
Why: Cause they need it
When: I don't know now?
Where Momma's apartment.

Talia had asked her daughter to come over and visit with her simply because she missed spending time with Laura. As she worked in the kitchen making some tea for the two Hale women to share as they caught up and rebuilt their bond.

As she set her tea pot in her kitchen table with the two cups she went out to her door sensing that there was someone there....


Who:Derek and Talia
WhereProbably Talias
WhatA small sad hale reunion?

And you said rise above )


Who:Derek Hale and OPEN
Where: Near the beach
When: Afternoon
Rating:Probably pg-13.Cussing and stuff

jerkwolf and the midnight kid! )


Who: Jaime and open to anyone..
Where: The beach
When: afternoon
What: Arrival
Rating: TBD
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 5

This can't be real... )


Who: Missandei and open to all in the house with her
Where: The house
When: Late at night
What: Panic and new memories.
Rating: TBD but it is GOT related so use your judgment here.
Warnings: Spoilers abound. If you haven't seen episode 4 don't read unless you want to be spoiled.

Dracarys )


Who: Gibbs and OPEN TO ALL
What: Barbecue!
Where: Gibbs' House
Why: Why not?
When: Same day as this network post.
Rating: I'm gonna say PG-13, let me know if it needs changed at all.
Status: Ongoing

Gibbs enjoyed good food and good company. And since it had been a while since they'd done any sort of a get-together, it was just a good at time as any. Many new faces had joined the island, so it was a great opportunity to meet some new people and come out of hermit-dom (even if only for a day or so). He'd spent many evenings working on a boat that was in a nearly half-finished state in their garage.

He put out an invitation to the network and had taken his place at the grill to get things rolling.


Who: Elias and Aasta
What: Dinner
Where: Salvatore's
When: (backdated to) Saturday the 27th, dinner reservation at 7pm.
Why: Elias has an important question for Aasta
Status: Closed to just them
Rating: Low

It would be the first of many important questions he would ask. )


Who: Aurora and Theon
Where: their house
When: Monday morning...?
What: Theon had a dream of home
Rating: Tbd.
Open: Closed to just them

Spoilers ahead... )


Who: Daenerys and open
What: Update
Why: She's been back home and returned
When: Wednesday Morning
Where: Graham and Dany's house then to the dragons
Status: Open and ongoing

Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons )


Who: Cole and Miranda
What: Idly drawing
Where: At home
Why: Boredom
Open: The Gordon and St. James families
Rating: pg-13. He tries not to but Cole can be a little foul-mouthed.

When inspiration calls, I answer )


Who: Cassidy and Faith
What: Come As You Are-Party
Where: her place
Why: Faith said so here
Open: to anyone Faith invites to the party
Rating: pg-13 for now. We know who we are talking about

The Doctor is in the house. )


Who: Foxface and Anyone
What: walking along the beach
Where: on the beach
Why: she needs a place to think
Open: to anyone
Rating: pg-13 for now

“Thinking..” )


Who: Finnick and Julie and their baby.
What: Just life after welcoming a baby
When: during a rare moment of quiet time
Where: their house
Rating: tbd

Finnick still couldn't believe he was a father. Okay, he had been a father figure to Sarah Ann for a while now. But now he actually was a father. When they were picking names he only asked for one thing: that if they had a girl that they'd name it after his mentor during the games, the one woman who sacrificed herself for him, and even for Annie: Maggs.

So now they had a rare moment of peace and quiet. Little Margaret Arrow Odair was sleeping. He stood by her crib, watching in awe.


Who: Caitlen and Open to anyone but mostly d'Artagnan.
Where: Home finally
When: Just after the new year
What: Finally getting to go home after a long stay in the hospital.
Rating: TBD

Caitlen was happy to finally be home. While they had been incredibly kind to her in the hospital (for the most part), she was sick of being stuck there and being poked and prodded at all hours of the night. The one thing that she was the most thrilled about was that she could actually sleep in her own bed and not be woken up at all hours to check her vitals.

Thankful to be home in a house that wasn't in shambles Caitlen settled in as best she could. There were still some side effects of the injuries. Caitlen didn't want to seem weak to anyone so she wasn't letting on that there were any side effects, but there were some she just couldn't hide no matter how hard she tried. One of those things was occasional memory loss and headaches. While the headaches weren't new the memory loss was and that bothered her. Caitlen didn't like depending on anyone and now she was more dependent than she had ever been. The other thing she worried about was that d'Artagnan would become even more overprotective than he had already been. This was something she would bring up with him when it became an issue, that is if she could remember to.


Characters: Jason (Open to Henry)
Location: Jason's Place
Time: Evening of 25th
Warnings: None at this time
Summary: Jason is haunted by memories, and does a stupid thing.

Christmas Mourn )


Characters: Caitlen and Anyone
Location: Hospital
Time: Afternoon on the 25th and thereafter
Warnings: None at this time
Summary: Caitlen is recouperating and rehabbing in the hospital
Status: Open to all who want to join.


Birthdays in a hospital, every girl's dream.Read more... )


Who: Cassie and Jake
When: October 13th
Where: their home and onwards
What: Cassie goes into labor
Rating: tbd

Jake was at home relaxing. He had decided to stay home for the day. Something told him that he needed to be home. Considering he was a witch he decided to listen. He could take care of Cassie this way too. He figured she would need his help. After all the baby was due any day now.

He would've liked it if he had become a father on his birthday, 5 days prior. But whenever the baby would come, the baby would come.


Who: Melinda and Open
When: Idk...a couple weeks ago?
Where: The house/Hospital
What: Melinda is having her babies
Status/Rating: Incomplete/PG-13ish
Warnings: Bit of language while she's pushing the babies out.

I can't do this, I want my mom....this hurts too much )</>


Who: Bonnie and Diana
What: she's finally awake
Where: the hospital
When: evening
Why: Bonnie is emotional and wants to thank Diana
Rating: PG-13
Open: to anyone who is at the hospital

the streets are gold cause you'll be there )


Who: Theon and Aurora
When: after this
Where: their place
What: Aurora has something to tell Theon
Rating: tbd

Theon finished what he was doing, before he took a break and went home to see what Aurora wanted to tell him. He had no idea. But the way she said it made him worried.

"Aurora? I'm home!"


Who: Melinda, Craig, and Dax
When: Tuesday evening
Where: The hospital
What: Craig brings Melinda to see Dax
Warnings: Not at the moment.

I'm so glad that you are alright. )


Who: Gibbs and Rebekah (Tony and d'Artagnan at the hospital as well)
What: Informing Rebekah of Caitlen's condition.
Where: Christiensen's Restaurant, and then the Hospital.
When: Right after this.
Rating: Low
Open: Public place.

His footfalls regular, and determination on his face, he made his way over to the reception desk again. )


Who: Claudia and Dax
What: rescue
Where: Somewhere in the woods
When: after the hurricane and Dax's net post
Why: Dax is in bad shape and needs urgent care
Rating: TBD
Open: Dax and Claudia, and family later on (you'll know when)

finding more than I bargained for )


Who: d’Artagnan and Caitlen
Open to: all, but especially doctors
When: Sometime after Caitlen fell unconscious.
Where: edge of the forest and onwards
What: d’Artagnan rescues himself and Caitlen
Rating: tbd

One for all... )


Who: Bonnie&Diana
What: rescue
Where: somewhere on the island
When: after the hurricane and her net post
Why: Bonnie is hurt,and needs asstiance
Rating: PG-13
Open: anyone who is in the hospital and wants to help Bonnie and Diana

she's A witchy woman... )


Who: Caitlen and d'Artagnan
Where: The forest / a cave
When: Post-hurricane
What: Narrative
Rating: PG13 at most
Status: Closed

Waterfalls are dangerous, especially in a hurricane. )


Who: Grace and Gray
What: Niece and Uncle quality time during the Hurricane
When: during the hurricane
Why: Because they can

Grace had gotten used to staying with her uncle and aunt and had decided to sit in the living room and read as the storm raged on outside trying to not flinch each time the wind would howl. She was deeply engrossed in her book and was not aware of her surroundings and thus was oblivious to her uncle entering the room.


Who: Descendants and Elijah
Where: The hotel
When: Just after the net posts
What: Getting together after they ended up on the island
Rating: TBD but I am sure there will be language from Alice.
Open to: Only them.

Three pissed off witches and an annoyed former spirit enter a hotel...sounds like the start to a bad joke. )


Who:Danerys and Graham
What:Becoming a Couple
Where:Their House
When:Backdated to last night
StatusClosed and ongoing

Danerys was uneasy about the storm. The dragons were safely tucked away in a large cave among the many caves on the island. Graham did a good job of preparing the house at least that's what Dany thought. It was long past time for them to become a couple and tonight was going to be the night. Graham was so protective of her and faithfully feed the dragons. Dany loved Graham. It hadn't been an over night thing, it had taken a year and during that time even though they slept in the same bed, they'd never done anything about it. Graham had proven he had changed and now was the time for her to show him how much she loved him.


Who: Diana And Bobby
What: Diana hiding from the hurricane.
When: During the hurricane.
Why: Cause there's a hurricane outside

Diana had reluctantly agreed to sit out the hurricane with Bobby and company at his place after much discussion on the topic and basically being told she was whether she liked it or not. So she finally gave in and said okay. She was never so thankful that she had accepted someone's invitation. She had been sicker than a dog all day spending more time in the bathroom face to face with the toilet than anything else. After once again emptying the contents of her stomach she flushed the toilet and began to wash her face of and brush her teeth for at least the tenth time in the last twenty-four hours. She slowly opened the door to the bathroom she leaned against the doorway and let out a ragged sigh.


Who: Jolan and Foxface
What: a rescue and being together
Where: the beach then the hotel
Why: she needs out of the hurricane
Open: just to them
Rating: NC-17 enter at your own risk!

sometimes you need to be saved )


Who: Elias and Aasta
Where: Caritas
When: Evening (after this.)
What: Getting drinks, chatting, getting to know each other, etc.
Rating: Likely low, will update if needed
Status: Ongoing and open to others (Lorne?) since it takes place in a public place.

There were worse places to be stranded. )


Who: Jaqueline and Gibbs
Where: The house
When: Evening
What: Getting to know each other...again for her.
Rating: TBD
Status: Closed to them only

She didn't think she would have to do this again. )


Who: Finnick and Julie
Open to: Sarah Ann
Where: Their place
When: After this
What: Talking
Rating: tbd

As soon as he heard what Julie said he rushed home. He was certain Theon could run the store alone for a bit. Besides he knew where to find him if he didn't.

"Julie?" he called out, the moment he came home.


Who: Thor,Aasta,and Sif
What: dinner together
Where: at Thor and Sif's house
When: after talking on the network
Why: Aasta wants to cook for them
Open: just to them

family is the best medicine of all )


Who: Cecelia, Snow White, Victoire, Dominique, Anabella
What: Shopping spree
When: Afternoon
Where: Shops
Rating: I'm gonna say pg13 at the most
Status: Open only to those listed.

Cecelia didn't know who Snow was really, but she did love to shop so that was her main motivation. Wanting to have a couple others with her she invited her aunt Victoire and Anabella as well as Dominique. The five of them could go shopping and have a lot of fun at the same time. While most didn't like shopping, Cecelia loved it and was a master at spending money.

After talking on the network with Snow Cecelia suggested everyone meet at the bakery so that they could grab something to eat before they head out. While she waited Cecelia continued work on a cake that had been ordered, every so often looking up to see if anyone was in front waiting.


Who: Theon and Aurora
What: getting things out in the open
Where: their house
When: evening,shortly after her network post
Why: she wants to admit her feelings for him
Open: just to them

I'll be as honest as you want me to be )


Who: Snow and April, and later Persephone
What: Re-establishing contact
Where: Snow's house to start
When: Early morning, a week after this
Status: Handwaved and closed.
Open: Closed to those mentioned
Rating: Mild for now, will change if it gets higher

Things always get worse before they get better )


Who: Cassie & Jake
What: Cassie Has News
Where: Their home
When: Following her network post
Rating: TBD
Status: Ongoing

I've had the highest mountains and I've had the deepest rivers. You can have it all but life keeps moving )


Who: Stefan and Elena
What: reconnecting
Where: one of the many parks on the island.
When: Following their network post.
Rating: TBD
Status: Ongoing

And so goes the days of our lives. )

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