April 18th, 2011

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Who: Kitty OTA
What: Doing some chores on a free afternoon
When: Around 1pm
Where: Stables
Rating: G to start

It wasn't exactly hot out, but Kitty was enjoying the warming trend in the weather and decided to take advantage of it as much as she could. Classes and other distractions had been keeping her busy for so long that it was a startling realization for Kitty when she figured out her last trip to the stables had been before the attack. There were plenty of other people who went down there every day as part of their routine so it wasn't as if the horses were being ignored or had been abandoned. But it had once been part of Kitty's routine as well. Being out of commission for so long after the attack not only kept her from dancing for awhile, but it took away her morning run and her desire to walk across campus. This needed to change now. )

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You wouldn't like what's

Who: Scott and Emma
What: Therapy Session 2
When: 10am on the second day of Scott's return
Where: Underground Medical Bay
Rating: PG for starts.

In my mind... )

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Who: Logan (open)
What: Heading to Marie's
When: about 3am
Where: Marie's apartment
Rating: TBD

With Marie working and him not being allowed to go back to the bar for a few days after kicking the shit out of a guy that wouldn't leave her alone Logan found himself wondering what to do. So he'd hit the town, went to a few other bars, stopped at the fights and made some cash. There happened to be a hot little brunette there that was all over him and after more than a few drinks he let her talk him into heading back to her place. He never took anyone back to Marie's that was just tacky and disrespectful.

The thoughts of a dirty old man )