March 3rd, 2011

[info]shadowenpointe in [info]no_good_deed

Burn it to the ground

Who: Kitty OT Paige and anyone else who wants to join.
What: Shopping and discussion
When: Thursday, noonish
Where: Rec room to start, then beyond!
Rating: PG to be safe

Kitty couldn't stop watching the footage on the news of the fire in downtown Westchester. It had been playing on different channels since the morning news, and each station had a different angle and theory to go with it. It was determined to be an electrical fire and not arson, but what was found in the building that burned down was a shock to everyone. A secret organization using the store that was once there as a front. There was no word yet on what the group stood for or their purpose, but hard drives had been taken away and were going to be examined for further answers. They'd found a metal bar twisted through the handles of one of the doors as well. That spoke of someone with unusual strength. Then there was the case of the man found murdered in his home with words cut into his chest.

Why did she have a sinking feeling that this was going to point accusations in the direction of mutant-kind? )

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Who: Lorna and Forge
What: Turn off, it's giving me a headache!
When: Thursday evening
Where: Forge's Room
Rating: PGish, unless something change or F-bombs start getting dropped...

She swore she could feel someone microwave popcorn halfway across the mansion. )