February 8th, 2011

[info]ivebeenduped in [info]no_good_deed

Who: Jamie OTA
What: Hanging out with the horses
When: Tuesday, mid-morning
Where: The stables
Rating: TBD

Jamie was tired of people. He'd spent so many years of his life working alone that being around a bunch of them all the time was starting to wear his nerves rather thin. Add to that his constant inability to control his dupes, when they came and where they went, it was a recipe for a very short-tempered man. He knew the mansion was almost to the point where people could move back in again and there would be more room to breathe, but it wasn't soon enough. He needed to get out of the secondary facilities and just get away from the constant chatter of a dozen or more people.

It was warm out for a winter day in February )