February 3rd, 2011

[info]sonic_scream in [info]no_good_deed

Email to Fitzgerald, Molly

From: Sean
To: Molly
Subject: You OK?


Picked a helluva week to be in the city getting my status straightened out. Heard you had a rough time of it. Everything OK with you? That couldn't have been fun and by the sound of it was just like the Bad Old Days.

Lemme know if you want to get away, go have a pint.


[info]cypher_warrior in [info]no_good_deed

Oh, sister dear...

Who: Cypher, Scorpion
When: 6pm
What: E-mail updates to Headquarters under the guise of e-mailing sis


Hey. I got to school okay. Thought you should know. How are things at home? I suppose Mom and Dad are still pretending I'm dead or never existed or whatever. Let me know how they're doing, though. Okay?

The school is about what I was promised it would be. Less students though. A lot of them headed home over the winter break and didn't come back it seems... but there are a lot of people who took the cure still here. When it wore off it just sent their powers into a tailspin. I'm being bunked by myself for the moment, but that could change.