January 13th, 2011

[info]country_mouse in [info]no_good_deed

|[ WHO ]| Paige Guthrie
|[ WHAT ]| Suffering from a little bout of insomnia
|[ WHEN ]| Thursday, January 13, 2001 | 3:00 AM
|[ WHERE ]| Rec Room
|[ RATING ]| PG (could change later on)

To say that Paige Elisabeth Guthrie wasn't the best when it came to sleeping would be an understatement. )

[info]break_the_veil in [info]no_good_deed

Who: Molly & Terry
What Molly once more is smoking in the mansion. She can't help that it's sodding cold outside. Awkwardness ensues when Molly realizes she knows of Terry - through Black Tom.
Where Blatant mansion smoking is blatant in the kitchen!
When 1/13/11, 5PM