January 5th, 2011

[info]nosouthernbelle in [info]no_good_deed

Who: Rogue OTA
What: Feeling restless, Rogue wanders to the music room.
When: Jan. 5, evening
Where: The Music classroom
Rating: Changed to PG because Rogue swears.

It was strange to be back at Xavier's. She'd spent almost four years of her life here being the girl that no one could touch, the girl that didn't allow anyone close except her boyfriend. St. John had been the rare exception. To this day she still didn't quite understand the want to have him for a friend back then. Maybe it had been because he was Bobby's friend and thought it was only right he should be hers as well. That hadn't turned out so well. Then there was Logan. it was amusing to think of the crush she'd harbored so long for him. How things had changed.

I believe this is heaven for no one else but me )

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Who: Jamie OTA at Xavier's
What: Reaching out for help
When: Jan. 5, 5pm
Where: N/A
Status: TBD

It was lucky for him he had enough money stashed in his backpack for a room for the night. he needed to get off the streets, needed to figure out what the hell he was supposed to do with himself now. Nearly everything was making him pop out a dupe and it was really starting to get to him. He was tired, exhausted really. And every dupe he couldn't reabsorb quick enough before they ran away was linked to him both emotionally and telepathically. To say he had a headache would have been a gross understatement at this point )