December 26th, 2010

[info]break_the_veil in [info]no_good_deed

Who: Sean & Molly
What: Reaching out through her connection with the realm of the dead, Molly finally makes contact. Again. The question is will Sean remember in the morning?
When: 12/26/09, early morning in EST, aprox 5AM where Molly is
Where: Dublin, New York, somewhere in between
Rating: PG13is for dream-imagery

It was like shedding a large, heavy, useless piece of baggage. )

[info]under_my_skin in [info]no_good_deed

Who: Pete, Sam and Paige
What: Getting Paige drunk. Celebrating Paige's birthday!
When: Tues, 12/28, evening.
Where: Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky
Rating: NC-17 for graphic violence and nudity Dunno... probably PG-13?

It was funny how even the big milestone birthdays stopped feeling so big once they actually happened. )