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Before we get to reveals, we've got some quick business to take care of: Thank yous! Special thanks to [info]aldiara for throwing together an awesome pinch hit at the last minute, [info]wildepet for creating an extra piece (even if it was only to fool her recipient *g*), [info]spaghettitoes for letting us take over [info]no7_awz for the month of December, all of the participants for lending your time and showing off how talented our fandom is, and every single person who devoured each piece and commented. You guys rock so hard!

We had 28 pieces in total submitted to our fest: 18 fics, 6 sets of icons/graphics, 4 vids, plus the lovely art that accompanied one of our fics.

And as far as our guessing game goes...

Just like Marian’s overwhelming fail at everything lately stealthy safecracking, we all pretty much failed at anonymity (your mods being some of the worst culprits.) However [info]klutzerina and [info]geekchick1013 have the honor of being our sneakiest participants as not one person accurately guessed their entry! You both are the Aliciabelles of HoHoHofest! *g* Our runner up is [info]samedy who only had one person correctly identify her fic.

And as far as the winner...[info]aldiara and [info]antiteb tied, each having 20 correct answers out of 27. CONGRATS LADIES! You each will receive your choice of an oil portrait (Steinkamp-style of course) or a Santa!Roman stick puppet, courtesy of [info]redcouchaddict. (No, we're not kidding. Those are the prizes. Ridiculous? Maybe. Better than a trophy? Most definitely!)


HoHoHo Fest 2010 Masterlist

[info]amilee123 created Only One Thing To Do - VID (Deniz/Roman/Marc; PG-13/R *NWS*) for [info]samedy

[info]melliferra created Icons Galore - ICONS (Deniz, Roman, Marc, Florian, various) for [info]fanatic03_99

[info]giorgiakerr wrote Run Like Hell - FIC (Roman/Deniz, Deniz/other(s); PG) for [info]aldiara

[info]giorgiakerr wrote Bed Scenes - FIC (Vanessa/Nina; Teen) for [info]aldiara

[info]aldiara wrote Slayer - Love Hurts (And Then The Mop Goes Into The Dragon) - FIC (Deniz/Roman, Marc, Isabelle, Tom, Vanessa, Florian, Marian; NC-17) for [info]ktbob

[info]notoriouslyuniq created Icons - ICONS (Tim, Mike, Nina, Marc, Roman, Deniz,Jenny/Roman, Dr Hase, various) for [info]klutzerina

[info]graspthethorn wrote you wanted kissing in the rain - FIC (Nina/Vanessa, *R*) for [info]alsha

[info]hannah_dee created Damaging This Apartment - VID (DeRo, Marc) for [info]vitacrudelis

[info]antiteb wrote Entscheidungen - FIC (Roman/Marc, Erwähnung Deniz; PG; Language:German) for [info]placebo_effect

Dechro wrote New In Town - FIC (Deniz/Roman, Marian/Jennifer, Annette/Ingo; R; *AU*) for All Fest Participants

[info]klutzerina created Icons - ICONS (Deniz/Roman/Marc, Simone/Florian, Roman/Axel,various) for [info]amberbluebell

[info]amberbluebell wrote Roses and Cinnamon - FIC (Simone/Max; PG) for [info]graspthethorn

[info]spaghettitoes wrote Eye on Essen - FIC (Tom/Flo, Vanessa/OC, Deniz/Roman, plus others; R) for [info]4nn4

[info]alsha wrote and drew Fragments - FIC & ART (Isabelle/OC; PG) for [info]lilithilien

[info]geekchick1013 wrote Do Not Disturb - FIC (Deniz/Roman, Marc; R) for [info]amilee123

[info]sdk created knock out (love is like a car crash) - VID (Mike/Lars) for [info]redcouchaddict

[info]vitacrudelis created Snoggage, Angst and Other Randomness - ICONS (Deniz/Roman, Roman/Marc, Flo/Frank, Axel/Lena, Deniz/Vanessa) for [info]antiteb

[info]placebo_effect wrote Truth Begins - FIC (RoMarc; NC-17) for [info]amyriadfthings

[info]fanatic03_99 created Shiny Icons - ICONS (Deniz, Roman, DeRo, RoMarc, plus others) for [info]melliferra

[info]aldiara wrote Rock 'n' Roll Dreams Come True - FIC (Deniz/Roman, and...???; PG-13) for Dechro

[info]wildepet wrote A Family Affair - FIC (Isabelle/Ben/Tom; NC-17) for All Fest Participants

[info]samedy wrote Looking Glass Self - FIC (Jenny, MaJe, PG) for [info]notoriouslyuniq

[info]amyriadfthings wrote Hit over the Head - FIC (Roman, Axel; PG-13) for [info]wildepet

[info]4nn4 created One Day in Essen/Icons - GRAPHICS/ICONS (Deniz/Roman, Ben/Tom, Ceramnic Stovetop, Vanessa, Annette, Lena) for [info]hannah_dee

[info]wildepet wrote Instant Gratification - FIC (Axel/Axel's hand, Axel/?; NC-17) for [info]spaghettitoes

[info]redcouchaddict created it's you (walking ~dramatically~) - VID (AWZ dramatic walkers) for [info]sdk

[info]ktbob wrote Pandora - FIC (Deniz/Roman; Adult) for [info]geekchick1013

[info]lilithilien wrote Five Times Marc Hagendorf Called Roman Wild - FIC (Marc, Roman, Jenny, René; Gen) for [info]giorgiakerr

And that's it for HoHoHo Fest 2010! You guys can now respond to comments and repost your creations anywhere you’d like! Also, please feel free to snag your personalized HoHoHo Fest icon if you’d like. Seriously you guys, thank you so much for making this fest successful and German Soap star free smooth (basically everything Axel is not). We love you!

(Lars, Lars, Laaaars! /random shout out)

Your HoHoHo Fest Mods
RedCouchAddict and Shellydkitty
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