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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

    Time Event
    There will be a second dueling club tournament the week of May 11, but we're going to start gathering information now to have the bracket done early so people can plot.

    Please comment below if any of your characters would like to be involved. This would be open to any student, regardless of membership in actual dueling club.

    Nothing will be required on your part during the actual tournament. Depending on the number of entrants it will be divided up over a number of days, and we will be using a random generator to pick winners of each round up to and including the final. Journal entries and threads can of course be made at that time if you wish.
    OoC Meme
    It's time for another one of these to hopefully wake all of us up (for those who aren't on hiatus).

    If you're not familiar with OoC memes, you basically answer things as your character would, but anything learned stays as OoC knowledge unless any and all players involved consent otherwise.

    This time, is going to be Marry/Cliff/Shag. Under each of the name posts below you can give that character a series of 3 names (if they're other characters it's even better) and then they reply of the three which one they would marry, which one they would shove off a cliff, and which one they would shag. If you'd like you can continue reactions to that line of comments, especially because sometimes it can be rather amusing. But again, all knowledge must stay outside of the game.

    (All character names are below and should be in alphabetical order by first name. I pre-apologize if I missed anyone or typoed any names.)

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