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Logan [userpic]

I've been fighting him for weeks now, but he's just too strong. So here comes Deadpool:


Not sure what his background will be, yet, but there'll be lots of quippery and pop culture references. Lock up your chimichangas and hand grenades.

Katherine "Kitty" Pryde honors her name [userpic]

Of The Mine:

I'm having a massive pain flare-up with my back. I've gone and had an MRI done and the doc will let me know if it's just my DDD acting up or something else. I'm supposed to stay in bed for the rest of the day. If you don't see me, this would be why. This goes for Kitty, Marie-Ange, Illyana, Dani and Rachel.

Of The Not Mine:

The mun of Tamsin, Doug, Jennifer, Julian, and Mikhail just text messaged me. Her laptop seems to have died. She doesn't know when it will be fixed as she doesn't know if it's in warranty still or not. She'll get back as soon as she can, but doesn't know how long this might take.

Logan [userpic]

Posting for the Mylia mun:

She just wanted to let anyone she's threading with/tagging with know that she's in mucho pain, so that's why she's silent.

*hugs the Mylia*

Hey guys. I've been absent lately, mostly because of stress and work and omfg stuff. I'll be absent most of this week, too, because I have been completely brain dead and non-functioning.

Give me a yell if you need me. Until then, I'm just going to watch some TV, and try to let my mind recuperate.

Hi kids! I'm back and connected (finally. Kiri without intarwebz = sad!Kiri). Still unpacking and whatnot, but here!

Let the games begin, heehee.

Logan [userpic]

We're finally moved out/in but I am dedliekwoah so don't expect to hear much from me for a few days. My fic muse is still alive and kicking but the pups? Being recalcitrant.

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Hallo, meine Freunde!

I'm Maren and I bring you Kurt aka Nightcrawler.
After fleeing from Germany where Kurt unintentionally killed his best friend Stefan, he ended up with a freak show in America. There, he was drugged and forced to play Mephisto's latest incarnation, but he managed to escape. Kurt now spends his time hiding from the world in abandoned buildings and wondering where on earth a blue teleporting mutant could find some peace.

Kurt is not yet aware of the school's existence, so it would be great if someone could grab his tail and drag him in the general direction of Xavier's Institute. :) If anyone wants to plot, I'd be very happy.

I'm looking forward to play with you all!


My turn to just drop by to check what's goin' on with the charies. :)

Adalene I think still has the thread for her arrival with Laura I was wondering how you wanted to procede with that?

I know Rogue has to tag back in the thread with Scott for her broken arm

I think that's all I have

Anyone up for plotting with Rogue, Amara, or Adalene (now that she's technically a resident)?


Pyro [userpic]


Just dropping a quick note to check in with my 2 threads I have on the go with John :)

John/Ethan & John/Tamsin.

Was just wondering if you guys were looking to continue or if we should bring them to some sort of end. I'd just like to know as the muse is loud and demanding, that and he has issues >.>

Anyhoo, just let me know either way, I know how pissing annoying real life can be.

Hope all is okay!


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Logan [userpic]

Here's my very own "erratic posting" post:

We're moving next weekend. Yay! Luckily it's literally just down the street (from one apartment complex to another) but moving blows no matter the distance. Anyway, I'd say that by next Friday (the 29th) I'll be on sparsely that whole weekend (mainly at night is when I'll be on, not that that's any different from now :D) but if I'm slow to tag or respond to anything, that's why. We'll be fully moved out by Sunday the 31st and hopefully we'll have everything organized by then, we're slowly moving the smaller crap over right now.

And that's about it.

Me again


I just remembered that I should probably have posted something before my parents' internet started sucking to hell and back last night.

I'm back 'home' for the weekend, and internet is, obviously, unstable at best. I probably won't be around much at all until Tuesday.

And next weekend I might be around Friday night, but then I won't be on until sometime monday because it's moving weekend.

After that I'm not doing anything for a long time (so I say now, ha ha)


We're by no means finished with the Rescue plot/thread, but we wanted to give people the chance to start posting about being home, should they choose to do so.

Once our pups are safely away from the facility, it gets blowed up good. Can't leave a place like that standing.

Guess who's back!

Ok, kids, insert your favorite "Comeing Back" style music on the CD player because I am returned.

I guess this just makes me fashionably late to the party, judging by the amount of posts I have to wade through.

Can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I have peoples in my head begging to get written for again! lol.

This is Rev with her second character! Alex Summers - Havok. The younger and less polite/uptight brother of Scott. He's been on the run for a couple of years and has come to the institute after seeing how things have been going. He semi resents Scott but wants to be able to watch his brother's back. He's got a tendency to get himself into trouble and his power is not nearly as stable as it should be.

The PB is Jensen Ackles and I'll probably post an intro thread for him shortly.

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Hey all,

Really really advanced notice, but better now than never, right?

I will be completely and utterly absent from online from the dates 6th-13th September as myself and Willow are going on a very sparkley all inclusive holiday to Costa De Sol to celebrate my birthday. I'm going away younger and coming back older! How weird is that?

I can't wait and I get the feeling that there is internet so will probably be able to check my email now and then, but won't be able to stay on for prolonged periods. Plus, I'll be on holiday and as you can imagine not wanting to be online a lot!

Mwah, love to all!


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Hello my lovelies, it's that time again.

We will be wrapping up the Abduction portion of our plot. Emma Frost (NPC) will be making a grand entrance to muck about with Cerebro and pinpoint where our unlucky pups have been held for the last week. If you have any more posts you'd like to make re: captivity, try to get them in by Thursday night (but things can always be backdated, so don't fret).

Beginning Friday, the rescue shall commence. See below list for the roster of rescuers based on the info you guys gave me. This is going to be bloody as well, people are gonna die. There'll also be a bit of a hint re: the demise of the original Institute.

At this point I'm thinking it'll be a group thread, starting with the team landing in the Blackbird and everyone just jumps in from there. Don't worry about coordinating with everyone since this is going to be chaos, you'll really only interact with one or two other characters until everyone gets back to the 'Bird.

Any questions? Let us have 'em.

Big Damn Heroes:

Logan [info]six_reasons
Tony Stark [info]damnironman
Ororo Munroe [info]la_reine_storm
Andrew Merrick [info]healing_touch
Mikhail Sorokin [info]waystoexplode
Tamsin Doniger [info]canbeaweapon
Dani Moonstar [info]valkyriespirit
Rachel Summers [info]tomakethemproud
Ethan Grant [info]dalldubhdorcha
Remy LeBeau [info]52cardpickup

Holding down the fort:

Scott Summers [info]slim_scot
Terry Rourke [info]killermelody
Marie-Ange Colbert [info]living_arcana
Adelaide Russel [info]static_psyche

I'm sure I'm missing someone here.

updated friending list

Make new friends

Is there an updated flister thing at all floating around? Or am I just stupid and missed it on the OOC?

Also, looks like my internet's up and running again but the connection here on campus is shaky at best, so if I disappear mid conversation/thread without saying bye, it's because the network's down again. Just to give you guys a heads up!

~ Will

Chris here, and I'm in obvious need of an intervention, but who the hell cares, because here is Laura Kinney, aka X-23. Except she's not the emo, angry, angsty Laura you know. Nope, this is adorable, giggly, spastic Laura. So yeah, she still has bouts of rage, but they are few and far in between, so as long as you don't try sneaking up on her or putting her or her pack in danger, you'll be fine.

If you're wondering why she has three claws in her hands and no foot claws, then I'll tell you. The foot claws MAKE NO SENSE. wtf, Kyle and Yost? What were you thinking? She is a clone of Wolverine, but she has managed to elude her creators for a long damn time.

She's currently being held captive in a cell with Matty, and she'll later become a student at the Institute, where she will GLOMP EVERYONE. She doesn't talk a whole lot, partially because English isn't her strong point (spent most of her life living on her own, give her a break), and because she just doesn't like words. She still manages to get her point across, though. Usually she just wants sugar.

C'mon, you know you want to hug her.

Julian Keller [userpic]

It's an epidemic, I swear.

Tis Jen and I come bearing my fifth and final character, Julian Keller, aka Hellion.

He's an occasional Institute resident who's come home yet again. He'll be sticking around for a while this time, though. He's also cocky, a bit arrogant, and equally likely to hit on you whether you're male or female. As long as you're pretty, he doesn't care.

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