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[07 Sep 2021|11:08pm]

After being extended until this evening, the Spare the Air alert has been lifted as the Bay Area is given an sudden temporary reprieve from smoky conditions.

[26 Aug 2021|03:00pm]

Camp Anawanna Rocks!

It's muggle quidditch day! Campers and Counselors who are interested in playing a game of muggle quidditch should meet at The Vanilla Tree at at 7 PM!

12:00 PM ‐ 26 Aug 2021

[21 Jun 2021|12:58am]



Allison Ditko | July 21, 2020 6:52am
The San Francisco Area suffered a very strange robbery tonight. Police and witnesses corroborate that at 1.12 AM local time, there was a reported break in at Osgood and Associates. The office, located in the Financial District, was subjected to a break in that started when the power in the building was cut. Within minute, it was reported that something inhuman was in the offices.

This was confirmed when, according to eyewitnesses, a robot like element burst from the building. "It was like Iron Man or some shit with cat ears," One witness relayed. The purported android was unable to be located by law enforcement. Osgood and Associates declined to state whether or not something was taken but have confirmed that no one was hurt.

[14 May 2021|01:13pm]

Eyewitness News @ABC7NY
Various reports are pouring in that a burning car has been sighted in San Francisco Bay. Witnesses say the car seemed to ignite and disappear without warning. http://7ny.tv/2045lk

[30 Mar 2021|12:20pm]
After several days of unusual weather, we are happy to report that the mysterious cold front has receded from San Francisco. Debate remains over how this sudden cold front blew in, but shelter notices have been lifted.

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