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texts: vic → mark [22 Apr 2015|11:35pm]

Texts to Mark Reilly
» Hey, how are you feeling?

texts: charlie → aleks [19 Apr 2015|12:33am]

Texts to Aleks Rasputin
» Been so preoccupied with Astrid and helping students that I've been letting my tunnel vision take over
» How are you? Did you get hit with any of the weirdness going on?

texts: caylie → cara [19 Apr 2015|12:26am]

Texts to Cara Drew
» Hey have you noticed how are you feeling?

texts: vic → milo [19 Apr 2015|12:23am]

Texts to Milo Pym
» Hey
» How are you?

network post: amani [18 Apr 2015|02:39pm]

Filtered to Jes, Evangeline, & Kinah (& Vic)
I know you're all busily trying to figure out the source of these strange disturbances. I've been away so long that it's entirely possible I'm mistaken, but I've noticed some unusual energy patterns in the neighborhood over the last several days. They're erratic and never in the same place, but I'm starting to get concerned. The energy isn't natural, I can tell you that much, but I can't tell if it's mechanical, mutant, or something else. I've never been close enough to check it out up close before it disperses.

phone call; scarlet spider » fenris [17 Apr 2015|08:33pm]

( immediately after this post )

network; scarlet spider (002) [17 Apr 2015|05:25pm]
I'm so sorry.

We've never talked about what happened. I know you're still upset with me, and you have every right, what I did to you was horrible.

I miss you. God, I miss you.

( ooc; preemptive content warning for discussion of suicide they never got around to it. all clear! )

log; marvel & druid [17 Apr 2015|01:04am]
WHO: Marvel & Vic
WHEN: Monday, April 13th
WHERE: Vic and Milo's house
WHAT: Marvel gets all de-aged. Fun stuff.

Marvel was clearly too young to know the cardinal rule of the internet: never Google yourself. )

network post: cal barton [16 Apr 2015|03:43pm]

Someone or something has let a genie out of a bottle and it's granting our wishes, most likely some sort of minor-grade reality warp or maybe enchantment? Anyone in possession of magic beans? Either way: the connecting thread is desire.

» All Billy wants is to be a real boy.
» Gale can't tell a lie, but is this Gale's wish or Dean's? Or mine, for that matter.
» Alec can't tell a lie either, wondering if it's subconscious desire or someone else again?
» Astrid and Bex and Alex have all lost their problematic powers.
» Pella's shut-in, socially awkward brother has suddenly become charming.
» Pella herself is a shut-in, socially awkward serial killer... still, but apparently she's younger, so maybe she wanted to get rid of those fine lines around her eyes.
» Ash is suddenly pop-culture savvy, which means maybe one of these days he'll admit that crazy angel cults are, in fact, bullshit.
» Steven is sent back to a time before SHIELD destroyed him.
» Luka wants Steven's memories back, and he receives them - just not where he wants them.
» And so forth

Since we've all gotten what we wished for, I propose that we sit on our hands and do freaking nothing, because this is great.

texts: gale → dean [16 Apr 2015|02:25pm]

» I hate that I love you.
» I hate that sometimes I look at you and I feel like I can't breathe.
» I've loved people, you know, and I don't have anything against loving people, but this is different.
» I've loved what people can give me, whether it's time or company or sex or money, but I've always felt like I could leave - even if I didn't WANT to. Knew that I had to.
» Now, I can't leave.
» I could, if I wanted, and I keep coming back.

network post: kinah guthrie [16 Apr 2015|05:21am]

Good morning,

My name is Dr. Kinah Guthrie-Jalili. Some of you I've already met or grown up with, but many of you are new faces to me and I look forward to meeting everyone. Evangeline's hired me as your resident physician at the Academy; I'm here for anything you need and any concerns you have, and I've studied to work specifically with mutants and metahumans so you can rest easy that if you've got special needs they will be seen to.

I'd like to meet with each of you at some point, but I do have most of your medical records already on file. The only thing I ask is that if you've been affected by ... whatever's happened in the last few days, please come see me for some tests. We're all trying to hammer down a cause, and even if these tests don't point to the exact reason we can at least narrow it all down.

Thank you,
Dr. K

Group Text: Peggy » Owen, Jes [16 Apr 2015|07:01pm]

» Okay one of you update me on what the hell is going on over there
» Because I'm getting info on a lot of crazy shit second and third hand

» And when you're done go watch last night's late night interview
» More specifically watch mom's face
» She got asked how it felt to be a grandma

» Pause for effect

Network Post: Robert [16 Apr 2015|06:49pm]

Moooorning New Avalon!

Apparently I never introduced myself to everyone officially. Huge oversight, you're all lovely.

Robert Castle's the name, I can't say what's the game. Don't have a steady one is why.

You know my sister: the charismatic Pella Castle, though she's not quite herself at the moment. Beware lamps, she likes using those in unconventional ways. Gotta tell you, points for creative ideas of what to do with lightbulbs at least.

Well didn't I get off topic there, the point was: I'm Robert, great to meet you and frankly it's a tragedy we haven't all met already. Let's fix that, what do you say?

text; ellis » kinah [15 Apr 2015|11:17pm]

texts to kinah guthrie:
» Hey, trouble
» Long time no see
» Is this even still your number?
» (If you're not Kinah Guthrie, I'm really sorry, ignore me)

network; renegade (001) [15 Apr 2015|11:09pm]
I've been told that I time traveled and everyone already knows who I am.

Sorry for throwing a lamp at the guy in the house. (My house?)

And waving a gun at the doctor.

I didn't shoot her, she's fine.

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