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Apr. 9th, 2011


Paging Mum of Baby Doll!

Since Baby Doll and Violet share Emily Browning as a PB would a mistaken idenity plot be interesting? Only thing different besides hair color I could see was Violet's brain vs Baby Doll's tail kicking.

Mar. 15th, 2011


Since Parker's main line dropped I'm going to toss her back into the fray. So anyone need or want a quirky freelance (outside of Leverage at least) thief for anything? She'll work for the good guys, good guy teams and anyone who could use a hand to keep to the team M.O.

Mar. 5th, 2011


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to bring in Lord John Roxton or Veronica from Lost world? Of course I would be willing to bring in someone for you in return.

Feb. 28th, 2011


I've got a few bored pups so anyone want to be a post attack by a Dementor Violet (but she fights it off), chat online with Garcia, meet Luna in London (or find her fighting a Dementor) or meet Susan in Cardiff?

I'll also blame Witch Hunter Robin dvds for this but I would love to see Michael Lee as a long time source/friend of Edward's! PB wise I was thinking a Dark Angel period Michael Weatherly for this.

Also thinking about dusting off my Lana Lang so would she be wanted around?

Feb. 13th, 2011


ATTENTION ONE AND ALL! This is Abby with a plot/Modly announcement. I want to start by thanking everyone for their participation in our latest plot! As of last night, the Nexus is over. Today (Sunday) and for the begining of this week, the characters who went missing will start reappearing in the real world (thread worthy things) and everything that was going wrong in the real world, the weather, the temperature, the weird storms and activities, will be getting worse.

On Monday the Gobi Desert will freeze. So this is what we have planned as we get into our first Magic-themed plot :D. They've been preparing! And now? They are coming! RUN!
-Abby ;)

Jan. 31st, 2011



Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. This is Abby, with a message for you about our current plot: The Nexus.

We have reached the midpoint in our Nexus plot, and from here on out, things get a bit... dark. As of today (well yesterday), the Nexus has become corrupted. What were your characters fantasies will now be turned on their heads and their worst fears, nightmares and things they never dared to think would happen - in a bad sense - can and will.

MEANWHILE, IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD: While everyone has been noticing the LARGE number of people who have just gone missing - without even a trace or a sign of a struggle - things now take another turn. Over the next few weeks (This plot will end in three weeks) the temperature will fluxuate, weather will be weird. Deserts will freeze over, and those who are magically sensative will start noticing strange occurances. These are all leading up to our next plot which will be announced shortly :D Just know that it will be a doozy!

We hope you guys are all enjoying it, and will take full advantage of a chance to have your charies confused and/or tortured within their own created world! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of us! We mods are here for you all!

Jan. 4th, 2011


Hey guys, I'm sorry for being a flip-flopper or flake or whatever but I wanted to let everyone know that when I first Apped Dean he was Future!Dean but as I continued to play him, I realized I played him much more as Season 4 canon in this game (I usually play Future!Dean), sooo... I'm going to keep him as regular old Dean Winchester and not the one from Croatian era. Hopefully this doesn't mess with anyones plot. Thanks guys <3

Dec. 29th, 2010


Event; NEXUS!

Howdy Guys and Gals! We here, as the mod staff at the New Worlds and Dark Realms RPG, are very excited to announce our next EVENT, scheduled to begin Saturday January 8th, 2011! The fandom of this latest and greatest event is Star Trek! And the actual happening will be known as "The Nexus" Event. The following information is for players who may not be familiar with the Nexus;

"The Nexus is an extradimensional realm in which one's thoughts and desires shape reality. Inside the Nexus, time has no meaning, allowing one to visit any time and any place that one can imagine. The entrance to the Nexus was a violent temporal energy ribbon which crossed through the galaxy every 39.1 years."

See more information on the Nexus and Star Trek References HERE.

The best camparison for those who do not know what the Nexus is would be the Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter or Marvel's House of M. It is a plain of existence in which your characters deepest desires come to truition. The point of the Nexus is to trap or ensare beings so they would not want to return to reality. For the purpose of our game, the main antagonist Shinnok has drawn the Nexus to Earth in order to prevent those who might rise against him from doing so. Shinnok wants to trap as many people as he can in the Nexus and because it is so personal and inticing, it should be incredibly difficult to leave.

The Nexus will occur January 8th as illustrated in the visual aid above. A wave of light or energy shall pass over the Earth and take people into their own Nexus. Players are encouraged to write and plot together and think about what the ideal reality for their characters would look like and whom it would entail. Participation in this event is not manditory and it will not effect your membership if you do not take part in it- But keep in mind events that take place during the Nexus may effect game plot.

Dec. 14th, 2010


Senyaka Point of entering the game. His fellow Acolytes when they allied themselves with Mister Sinister and his Marauders.


Black Tom Point is entering the game, after being shot by Cable, Tom was taken to France, where doctors grafted a wood-like substance onto his wounds, healing him and allowing him to channel his bio-blasts directly through his fists.

Unfortunately, due to a genetic virus the substance spread over Tom's body, and only the mutated cells of the mercenary Deadpool (due to his healing factor) were able to help Tom stop the spread of the plant growth. The effect of Deadpool's cells did not last for long. The spreading began again, to the point where Tom was completely composed of plant matter. As a result, his powers included control and manipulation of all manner of plant life, to the point where he could make plant doppelgangers of himself, or anyone else. He was completely insane as a result.

During this time, Black Tom resurfaced as a member of the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Earlier, Juggernaut had infiltrated the X-Men for him as part of the Brotherhood's plan, though Juggernaut slowly changed during his time with the X-Men, mostly due to the positive influence of the young boy Sammy Paré. Juggernaut rejoined the Brotherhood, secretly planning on turning them when the time was right. Sammy stumbled upon the group, and assuming that Juggernaut was betraying the X-Men, started lashing out. In retaliation Tom brutally murdered the boy, causing Juggernaut to attack Cassidy, dismembering him. Due to Tom's new plantlike physiology, this did not hurt him.

Juggernaut managed to escape and warn the X-Men, while Black Tom led an attack on the X-Mansion. Besides killing the school's cook, their mission was a failure. In the end Xorn sucked Black Tom and the rest of the Brotherhood into a black hole. Where Black tom was transported to the Mojoverse, where they sold Juggernaut and Nocturne to Mojo and in return, they were sent back to Earth.

So he going to be shock to see his close friend on Earth and working with the X- man


Exodus point of entering the game. Is where he then appeared to the mutates of Genosha, telling them to kill all humans or the entire island will be crushed under his force field. But one in the game he going to feel that he doesn’t have all his power that he did I one time. For he going to be look for Magneto.

Dec. 10th, 2010


Echo is coming in after the Secret Invasion

During the Skrull Invasion, Maya and her teammates went to the Savage Land to investigate a skrull ship which had crash landed there. They and the Mighty Avengers were then attacked by 70s versions of themselves which emerged from the ship and were under the impression that they were the Skrulls. Maya was the first person to discover that Spider Woman was a skrull and helping with the invasion. She was attacked and rendered unconscious by Veranke. Upon recovering, she reunited with the rest of her teammates to traveled back to New York and fight the invasion.


Daken Wolverine is coming in at the star of Dark Reign

Norman Osborn put together a new group of Avengers of which Daken was a member. Daken agreed to join the Dark Avengers as a way to draw out Cyclops to take the Muramasa blade from his possession. He took the name Wolverine for himself and wore a version of his father's brown
and tan costume.

Nov. 20th, 2010


More Skull Updates

Parker- Nathan Ford was replaced by a Skull and when the invasion happened Parker took leave from the Assassins Guild to assist the team in the fight. They stop the Nathan Skull from getting vital team files/info and mostly minor injuries for the team (worst being Sophie twisting her ankle on some stairs. the usual wounds for Eliot, a few minor cuts for Hardison and Parker coming back to the Assassins covered in cuts and bruises). In the aftermath the team decides to slip back into the underground and that lets her return to the Assassins and Ezio (the team will know about him by this point I'm thinking but they also knows his care for her is the real thing).

As for Nathan the team rescues him and thankfully he has no clue what happened (they decide to use a really bad bender since he was a drinker at the point in canon I pulled Parker from). Parker is staying in touch via phone now that she's back with the Assassins and she's tending to Ezio thanks to Skull related wounds. But she's trying to unravel why the Skull would even be interested in people like the team in the first place (ideas?).

Susan: The Torchwood and Doctor Who pups will hear via Andy and Sarah Jane about Susan fighting Skulls via well placed archery shots (to others she's the mystery archer at the Cardiff police). She's now thinking about college while trying to understand this time period.

Luna: She was visiting her father and other friends during the invasion and helped fight the Skull within the Wizarding world. Her wrist meanwhile is acting up so its more PT looming for her (she's now in London if anyone wants to thread).

Penelope: Posted already plus an open thread.

Edward: I presume she was lending the various teams in New York a hand along with helping her friends via the web.

Sidney: Oh boy, poor girl has had it rough! First Ghostface and now this. But she was helping the fight within the NYPD (she's a desk clerk) and her boss was replaced by a Skull. Cue the fallout!

Violet: She was the ringleader of a band of students fighting the Skull at Oxford and they won! Several professors were replaced by Skull so along with needed repairs school went on winter break early. She's now hopping around London if anyone wants to thread with her.


Charie updates - Skrull plot (which is now over)

Myra - Wound up fighting a bunch of skrulls in Salem Center while she was going to an autoparts store. That was fun. They were people she knew in town so she knew they weren't really them. She used her vines to literally push through their bodies... not very pleasant.

Barbara - Turns out her father was a skrull. How about that! Upon getting back from Peru she went home (to her parent's becuase it was closer) and 'Jim' promptly attacked her. She sent her family out of the house but her mother came back while Babs was fighting the skull and shot it. It promptly died and left a big green puddle in the middle of their living room. Now they have no idea where Jim is. Yay aftermath!

Martha - Well, Jash is no more. Jack killed her. (REJOICE) And now has to go through the fact that OMG She got cloned... AGAIN!

Jason Blood - Has been cooped up with Doctor Fate for the last few weeks. Why? There is a mystery of mystical proportions brewing. He's not going to be at ease until they solve it!

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn: NEEDS PLOT! Im gonna have her go to classes.

Not all the charies are listed becuase the Trek charie I have wasn't involved ;)


The BAU and the Skull Invasion

Since Penelope is the only Criminal Minds kid in play I'll post a short version of what happened during the invasion.

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner (Supervisory Special Agent for the BAU) was replaced by a Skull for the last 2 weeks and was only discovered during the invasion via Garcia and Morgan (plus some help via the web from some of Garcia's sources on the underground). The team as a whole only suffered minor injuries (the worst being Reid's twisted ankle and Emily Prentiss crashing down some stairs) and some fried gear (which can easily be replaced or fixed). In the aftermath the team does find Hotch wandering the streets near the team HQ so they are trying to find a way to explain the last two weeks (and his little boy was with family during all this and is fine).

I posted what happened within Leverage at the OOC comm if anyone is curious as well.


Spiderwoman, Moonstone, Hawkgirl

Notable updates since the Skrull invasion plot

[info]shocky_spider  Upon release from both the Skrull warship and then SHIELD, Jessica Drew (Spiderwoman) has left the Avengers. She was then picked up by SWORD, the lesser alien-policing arm of SHIELD to hunt down runaway Skrulls around the world. A mix of reasons, from Clint Barton's death to the fallout of unwillingly being the masked face of a near-successful overthrow of Earth, is involved. She is a little angerball at the moment...
[info]karla_sofen  During the end of the battle against the Skrulls, the power to RAFT was cut, allowing many prisoners to escape. With Bullseye's always humble help, Moonstone was released as well. She hasn't returned to Thunderbolts and is at large, but at least not making much trouble.

[info]mace_meet_face  Shayera Hol aided the home team in the Skrull fight, but doesn't wish to become another member of any crimefighting organization. She's settled herself down to remain a hermit, but that rarely lasts long with well-meaning but amazingly stubborn ex-coworkers.


Perrin Crocker is an evolved human capable of producing bone spikes from his body, who was convicted of murdering his wife. Perrin sits in a prison transport bus, waiting to be locked up in jail. Another prisoner, Steve Gustavson, begins to talk with him. He first threatens him, and then taunts him about murdering his wife. Angered, Perrin uses his ability. Spikes rip outward from his body, impaling other prisoners, and ripping through the hull of the bus. The bus then falls from the road and crashes.

Sep. 7th, 2010



The hacker, gunner, smartass of the team of Losers. He is at home in front of a computer hacking into places he shouldn't be, but he also is a caring man. Becoming very close to Cougar they form a brotherly bond. Always the ever loving man of a million laughs (or so he thinks) his brash attitude tends to get him into tight spots.

Words cannot express what Jensen is...oh wait yes they can. Smart Mouthed, Loud, Obnoxious, Perverted, and Hilarious. He is one of the pieces to the team called Losers. He is the tech support along with the only humor the team finds on a daily basis.

Look followed in meeting with the ladies also


Hello all, it’s Fi! )

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