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[12 Nov 2014|12:40am]

Okay, I'm a little jealous of this guy and his magic card. Hand it over, Constantine. Damn, that shit would've been useful on the job.

[03 Nov 2014|12:35am]

Human again. Thank God.

[28 Oct 2014|08:37pm]

So, who all is going to the party on Friday?

[25 Oct 2014|03:17am]

Uhhh why the did I wake up in some guy's apartment in clothes that don't fit me? What the hell did I do last night?

[22 Oct 2014|10:21pm]

And the tree sends both Aria and Spencer back. Great. Really.

[18 Oct 2014|11:32pm]

its fun to draw on deans when he's sleeping! he looks pretty now.

[16 Oct 2014|11:16pm]

Who: BB!Erin and OTA.
What: Erin is hungry.
When: Now.
Where: A convenience store.
Status: Incomplete.

They were her mom and dad, after all. She listened to everything they said.  )

Filtered against Skynet, bad terminators, cops [15 Oct 2014|01:49am]

[OOC: Apologies and forewarning for his mouth, he cussed a lot as a kid.]

Whoa, what's up with this shit?! Fuck! I'm supposed to be going with my mom and uncle to Cyberdyne. We are sooo gonna blow that shit sky high, but after all the people are out first Yo, kidnapping me? Not a good plan. Seriously. Uncle Bob, he's a really big guy. Works out a lot and knows how to use guns. And my mom? Ohhh shit, she's gonna be pissed! You don't want her mad, she knows how to kick ass and she's gonna kick yours if you did this, whoever you are. Trust me. This tech is way more advanced than I remember but really. I can't be here now.

So who did this and how can I get a bus back to Los Angeles? If I have to, I'll just grab a dirtbike and ride myself back there. Uncle Bob, come find me! Help. I'll teach you some new cool catchphrases

[14 Oct 2014|10:07pm]

Cut for adorable pic )

[14 Oct 2014|04:06pm]

Where the hell is my brother?

Unaffected Filter [13 Oct 2014|10:22pm]

So the tree strikes again and has... deaged people?

Anyone their normal age so we can figure something out? Please?

[13 Oct 2014|09:23pm]

Who the hell kidnaps a bunch of kids and leaves them in this stupid forsaken town with access to a computer? What are you nameless faceless jerks playing at? I shouldn't be here. I left for a reason and you

[14 Oct 2014|11:43am]

can anyone tell me where to find melissa mccall? i got lost i think and i need to find my mom

[13 Oct 2014|06:47pm]

mommy? daddy? i dont know where i am.

[13 Oct 2014|05:41pm]

Hello? I don't think I'm supposed to be here.

[10 Oct 2014|02:11am]

So hey. Since Issac is gone, I have no one to give me driving lessons. Someone should fix that so I can get my license and finally make use of that car other Derek got me. Not that I haven't already but ...

[09 Oct 2014|01:06pm]

I really wish I could beat the shit out of that guy now. What the hell was wrong with him?

We need to talk about what we're going to do now.

[ETA, for easier reference:]
I can only really offer one thing to everyone. If you want to remain together, we can remain as a pack. Having an Alpha isn't what having a pack is about. It's about knowing there are people willing to fight for you and while I might not know two of you, I made a promise to you when I became your Alpha. I promised to fight for you when you needed me to, to guide you if you didn't know what to do.

If we stay together, we stay together as a pack of equals who take care of each other.

Whatever you do is your choice. You can stay or you can leave. I just want you to know you have that choice. Scott can read this, so if you want to talk to him about becoming part of his pack, I won't hold that against any of you.

I'm not asking you to make this choice immediately either. If you know what you want, then do what you think is right, but I'm not going to force anyone to choose today. I just want you all to understand your options.

[*Cora, Peter, Hayley, Erin]

Friends (but no Derek) [09 Oct 2014|12:17pm]

Right. I'm so over being forgotten this fucking tree.

[08 Oct 2014|10:46pm]

Looks like someone's torched the only thing I actually owned. Typical warm welcome from Beacon Hills.

Pack [07 Oct 2014|02:36pm]

I hear there's a Lunar Eclipse tomorrow. How does that effect us?

[06 Oct 2014|10:57pm]

So, any Halloween parties in the making? I'd offer to host one but I'm not the greatest host.

[05 Oct 2014|06:35pm]

It's too hot for autumn. I still miss

[04 Oct 2014|01:49pm]


I'm on my way over, let me know if there's anything specific you want.

Allison & Cora (separate filters, same content) [04 Oct 2014|09:13pm]

Are you okay?

Okay, I know things keep kind of going up and down with the tree playing ping-pong with people lately...but if anyone needs anything, let me know? I can handle any alpha-related things you may need. Or at least try to

[04 Oct 2014|02:13am]

Derek and Isaac are gone ...

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