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    Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
    3:20 pm
    AO3 - Next of Kin
    I thought I'd start with some "low hanging fruit" -- the Archive of Our Own "Next of Kin" statement. It's a pretty straightforward way to designate someone else as the caretaker of your AO3 account.

    Depending on what you are interested in doing, it's nice to know that if something does happen to you and you do not have a next-of-kin, there's a clear statement that your account will not be deleted for non-use. However, if having your work outlive you is not something you want to have happen, then you should consider a next-of-kin.

    Found on this page:

    V. Assorted Policies

    B. Fannish next-of-kin

    Registered archive users may designate a fannish next-of-kin. A next-of-kin agreement allows the transfer of content maintenance in the case of a user’s permanent incapacitation or death.

    Both parties to the agreement must be registered users of the Archive.

    The Archive’s role in this agreement is only to act as a facilitator. If the person designated as the fannish next-of-kin activates the agreement by sending a message to the Archive, the Archive will not do any independent investigation to confirm the necessity for the transfer.

    A fannish next-of-kin agreement is confidential and accessible only by designated members of the archive team, who may only use it for purposes of implementing the agreement.

    Lots more under the cut.... )
    Sunday, February 2nd, 2020
    3:19 pm
    Welcome to My Backup Plan
    Real life can be a b*tch.

    It doesn't take much to take you off-line -- even if you're currently healthy and secure in your life, tomorrow may be totally different. And I have too many friends who live on a frail edge -- physical, emotional and financial.

    This comm is dedicated to sharing thoughts about how to manage your fandom personality if something happens to you. How do you set up a backup plan? Are there tools out there that can help? Do you need a 'backup buddy' as a point of contact if something happens to you?

    I'm looking for ideas, existing plans, suggestions, questions, pointers to documentation, anything...
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