May 2008

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May 18th, 2008

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June 19, 2010

Day: June 19, 2010

Weather: slightly humid with the chance of sprinkles during the late afternoon. Clear sky at night; high around 87f, low around 59f.

With the droughts of the Midwest plains still causing crop dehydration, the threat of fires are still high. Ball lightning and rainless shows have been plaguing the night sky for the past week.

Cardinals and Cubs are at the top of their game, both teams playing tonight at 8 central.

World Cup will be played in the Ukraine, promising teams are Brazil, Portugal, Italy, and underdog team Czech Republic.

Will the Big Three stay with the Celtics for another year? Topic discussion on “It's your choice” at 10 central.

Tournament of Champions win goes to Mastiff who goes by the name of Archie in Portland.

Harsh words between British Prime Minister and US President spark unsettling emotions about the possible inspection on Russia. France stays neutral.

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Who: Gavin and Haydn. Possibly open
What: Breakfast time
When: starting at 7:38am
Where: Boy's ward and the cafeteria
Rating: possible PG-13

As usual, Gavin was up by the crack of dawn. There was almost an alarm clock inside the boy's mind that made it impossible to not wake with the rising sun. It may have been from the years of having an east facing room on the shoreline which meant more light going through the curtains and making his room go from black to the middle of the sun in seconds. That or his habit of actually getting to bed at a reasonable time. Either way it meant he was up and ready to take a shower. And while a shower is all well and good there is a time where he would be done and still have Haydn sleeping.

Gavin had been rooming with Haydn for a number of months already but the boy's inability to wake up at a normal hour was still hard for the Nantucket native to grasp. Even his twin got up before 8:30 every morning whether it was her choice or not. Maybe he was simply not used to having a roommate still? The boy knew the Michigan kid had no one in his room for a while since he was at the school since its first few weeks. Gavin and Savannah had arrived later on and now she was the one lacking a roommate for the time being. Luckily the school's population was growing which meant the halls would be bustling with people. That would also mean the good breakfast food would be gone.

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