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[29 Jul 2022|05:24pm]

Uncharted Territories
A Panfandom Game
It is a place in the universe that has had almost no human contact. Earth is a distant and primitive planet no one has heard of. And to make matters worse, everything about this side of the galaxy is different.

Oh, and you're now stuck on a ship- a living ship, full of others from various different universes and time periods.

Why are you here? What called you to open the door and step through? That is all part of the mystery. For now, you must survive along with the rest of the crew as you explore the galaxy.

The good news is that you have the Doctor here to help! And a symbiotic alien attached to the ship known as Pilot. They're working on ways to get you home. All you have to do is survive a little while longer. And maybe try to get along with your crewmates.
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