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a brand new panfandom game opening early june! [28 May 2022|03:59pm]
a panfandom game
Once upon a time there was a knife so sharp, it could slice through the fabric between worlds. It was destroyed but now someone has taken the shards to remake one knife into the tips and edges of many, and the worlds are being opened up.

There are windows into other worlds. And people are coming through these windows.

Subtle Knives is a panfandom slice of life small town game with a giant mystery at it's core, a shadowy church organization, witches, a polar bear getting drunk in an alley, and lots of room to grow. And daemons. Everyone gets a daemon.

Will you choose to pursue the mystery or settle down and try to find happiness? Will you try to find your way back home? Will you challenge the powerful Magisterium, side with witches, or just keep your head down and work at the docks? And what will you do when you wake up to find an alethiometer sitting by your bed, trying to tell you something about your future?
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