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[13 Feb 2022|01:59am]

A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we lay open-eyed, watching it all.

Welcome to Night Vale.

Night Vale is a cheerful town. A friendly town. A deeply, deeply weird town. It defies logic and reason and several scientific laws. But the people are warm and welcoming and it's easy to feel at home.

Is the Dog Park on the corner of Earl and Somerset, near the Ralph's, neither a park nor for dogs, and in fact a portal to a desert otherworld? Yes.

Is the library staffed by horrific and murderous librarians who won't die no matter how many times the library gets burned down? Yes.

Are there mysterious hooded figures around the town that defy comprehension? Yes.

Are there huge winged beings, all named Erika, who call themselves angels? Yes, but they're legally allowed to exist now, so that's progress.

Is one of those angels frequently nude? Yes, and we are so very sorry.

Enjoy your stay here in Night Vale. We're sure that before long you'll learn to love our friendly little town as much as we do.

Welcome to Night Vale is a panfandom game set in the universe of the podcast by the same name.

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