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Crisis Crash [30 Jan 2022|03:00pm]
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The year is 2022. It's as one would expect, the latest Marvel movie just made a killing at the box office. They just announced yet another reboot of an old tv show. People are excited for the next big thing on Disney+. Twitter is arguing about something in the DCEU. Again. Streamers are playing the heck out of the game that's trending this week. A senator was put in a hospital by a vampire attack and a dragon was elected mayor of a small town in Iowa recently.

So maybe it isn't as normal as one thought. That could be because a year ago a large empty metropolitan city appeared in Delaware. It was soon followed by the appearance of individuals the world once only knew as fiction. Soon after a mysterious organization calling themselves the Multiversal Acclimation Ministry (M.A.M for short) arrived to lend their resources to this mass disaster of the multiverse.

Apparently, there was yet another multiverse crisis and now refugees have found themselves displaced on Earth. This one. A world where magic didn't exist. Superheroes didn't fly by stopping crime. Well, that's out the window now.

Thanks to M.A.M, the displaced have found themselves starting their new lives in the city that was dubbed Metropolis (it was really hard to ignore the Daily Planet building) and the world may not be what one would expect after all.

Game will start at twenty characters.
Crisis Crash
Code by 10billionghosts
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