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New year! New game! Starts Jan 15th! [25 Dec 2020|08:31am]

No Exits:

A Panfandom+ Multi Genre Game

What to say about the experiment at Derleth?

In a picturesque New England town stood a proud academic institution. An Ivy League school known for gathering the worlds' greatest minds, advancing science to places never dreamed of, dogged by rumors of secrecy and the occult.

Then, one day, the heart of the campus disappeared! No one knows where or what happened! Just that someone or something must have gone too far!

But you know what they say...


A small sacrifice for knowledge!

Derleth University
An Experiment Gone Wrong!

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OOC Note...

[info]noexits is a panfandom+ game, which also accepts AU and a limited number of original characters.

Your character arrives at a college, plucked out of time and space, the victim of a mad science experiment gone wrong! The original academics responsible for this error are either missing or long dead.

As a result, the campus flickers in and out of spacetime, traveling to strange worlds each week in character. Out of character, each plot is given two weeks and will span multiple genres and fandoms, including occasional horror elements.

The game officially starts January 15th, but there is an optional pre-game IC/OOC event starting now for early applications.

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[25 Dec 2020|09:19pm]
Welcome to Your New Home!
you arrive in the lobby of a grand hotel - the crown plaza. how you got here is a mystery; perhaps you fell asleep and awoke to find yourself dozing in a comfy chair in the lobby, or perhaps you walked through a door only to find yourself in the lobby. it's really up to you. on your arrival, a phone on the check-in desk rings...and rings... and rings, until eventually, you pick it up. a polite, but distant, voice welcomes you and asks that you check-in using the laptop beside the phone. once the form is completed you are assigned a room, and at the same moment clocks throughout the hotel begin to chime, signifying your arrival.

welcome to the crown plaza hotel.

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