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F A S T I 🔱 [15 Oct 2018|11:41pm]
➢ Ripped away from the life you've previously known, consciousness finds you in the midst of ancient imperial Rome. The only thing that follows you are memories and possibly a few scant supplies on you before you arrived. Friends, technology, even clothing are discarded or left behind.

Upon arrival, newly equipped in the ephemera of a time not your own, you are given a simple choice: help Olympus save itself or find yourself condemned to crawl back up from the depths of Tartarus. Assigned to different patron Gods and Goddesses, your characters will work to earn new abilities to help fight in the gods' new war.

Fasti is a historical fantasy game, set in the midst of ancient Rome, steeped in Greco-Roman mythology. Characters will be thrust into the middle of a war waged between ancient deities, conscripted from different times and worlds, gathered together to live, work, and fight within the walls of the city of Rome.

Fasti is a Dreamwidth experience. There are no invite codes necessary, just a character journal and an application!

the plot so far...

➢ October's new applicants will be arriving into the game in November in a NEW ARC, complete with upcoming additions and changes, as well as an easy point to jump into the current plot!

Test Drive | ➢ Reservations: 10/20 | ➢ Applications: 10/24
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