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[18 Aug 2018|02:59pm]
NAVIGATE Mod Journal
Drop Box
You awake on a pristine beach, the clear blue water lapping at your toes. You can't remember how you got here, but you feel good. The sun is warm and pleasant, it's not too hot, and the sound of birds fills the air. A breeze from the sea ruffles the leaves of the trees. The gentle lapping of the waves on the shore is steady and calm.

As you rise, you discover that you are on an island. It's hard to say where the island is, but you can tell by the position of the sun (and the stars at night) that you're at a rather low latitude, and on Earth. It's not tiny, but it's not large, either. You could walk the perimeter of it in a couple of hours if you walked quickly. It's lush, green, and the middle part rises above you, full of thick undergrowth and undoubtedly a good number of surprises.

Not long after, a young woman approaches you. Or at least, she appears to be young. It's hard to say exactly how old she is, or exactly what she is, but she is beautiful beyond measure, with olive skin, black hair, and almond shaped eyes. She tells you that her name is Ava, and that she is the protector of this island. She tells you that she has brought you here, and that while you may not leave, she will do her best to see that you are as happy as possible. Her answers are vague and often incomplete, but there is no sense of danger. She is not here to hurt you. She does, however, exude a power beyond anything you have ever experienced...

[info]maroonedrpg is an 18+ panfandom RPG that takes place on a deserted island watched over by a strong and undefined supernatural force. It is a survival game, but in the best sense - this is not a place where survival will be difficult. The land is lush and full of things to eat and drink. It is also a game that encourages character development. While there may be an occasional gamewide plot, the game will focus more on examining your characters and finding their strengths and weakness when they find themselves tested by a new way of life.

This game is new and there are an infinite number of characters available! The game will open either on September 1, or when we have 5 players, whichever comes first!
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