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[02 Jun 2018|07:26pm]


The year is 2025. The world is in disarray. There's illness, hunger and a lack of running water. Throughout the world there are camps that are set up which people risk their lives to find because there they can be provided the food, the water, shelter and medical care they need. Camp ATL is one of those camps inside the United States. It is also the camp that your characters finds themselves in. One minute they're back in 'their world, their year' and the next, they wake up in a cabin that is shared with up to five other people. People are dying off and it's up to you to help rebuild the world. You'll soon find your place in ATL, you'll find meaning and because of you, there will be hope for the future.

[info]empirecitymod is a pan-fandom survival game set in the future. There will be monthly plots, items from home appearing and vivid dreams that serve as canon updates. Check out the rules/faq and the holds/taken page and reserve your character today!

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