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[08 May 2018|11:26am]
The Console
a panfandom rpg
The world we live in can be harsh, unsettling, and downright stressful. Some of us like to kick back and unwind by logging online and hopping into our favorite game to unwind. The beauty of a game is that it takes us to another world where we don't have to worry about consequences, we can be who we want, and there's never really such a thing as 'game over'. We can stop when we want, turn off the console, and go back to the real world. Now? It's your character's turn to enjoy that reality.

The Console is a panfandom RPG that hosts it's characters inside a world that encapsules some of our favorite vintage video game locations, characters, levels, and plots. However, this power button never turns off. When the Console isn't hosting a game inside, the world is open and free with default 'game modes' that the characters can live and thrive within. Until 'the player' puts a new 'cartridge' into The Console..what part will your characters play in the game?

Endure obscure new 'games', levels, and ways to interact with other characters to level up, earn trophies and collectibles to increase development, or merely seek a peaceful existence within the new reality. The choice is yours.
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