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[22 Feb 2018|11:08pm]
A multi-fandom RPG
200 years in our future, the earth is becoming uninhabitable. The population is crashing due to the affects of global warming and pollution.

Desperate scientists find a habitable planet 30 light years from earth, and with the help of science that has allowed them to breach dimensions and handpick the very best candidates to represent humanity, they assemble a group of volunteers to colonize the planet. These volunteers are cyrogenically frozen and put onto a ship to make the 100 year voyage. When at last the ship arrives at its destination, the planet Dominia, automatic systems awaken the colonists and allow them to venture forth into their pristine, new home.

The planet Dominia has many secrets to reveal - some wonderous, some terrifying. Come and join the colonists as they attempt to make this alien world their home!

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