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[10 Jan 2018|12:38am]

They come.

Flooding from the black, endless void between realities. They claw their way through the fabric of universes, on an unending quest.

To consume. To propagate. To spread.

Their enemies call them 'The Tide'. Their numbers are almost beyond measure. Their varieties constantly changing, evolving into newer, deadlier strains.

The only hope for all life, is the Coalition. Survivors of the first realities the Tide conquered banded together, swearing to prevent the Doom that consumed their homes to continue to spread unchallenged. Made up of civilizations across the Multiverse, they follow the Tide into each new reality they breach- defending those they can, and recruiting new soldiers to join the fight. For it is only a matter of time before the unknowable Hive Mind of the Tide shifts its focus to those who stand against it's unknowable will. And when it does, the Coalition must be ready- or face annihilation...


The Front is a Wartime Panfandom RPG. Canon and Original characters from any fandoms are welcome. The game takes place in an original setting, but will feature characters, locations and NPCs from a variety of sources. The game is designed to give players the opportunity to play out storylines against the backdrop of an epic galactic conflict, with the fate of everything they hold dear in the balance. Players will start out as grunts, but as they demonstrate their usefulness, will rise to positions of power within the Coalition Military. Experience the fear, the loss, the triumph of combat. The Brother and Sisterhood between soldiers, and the moments of levity soldiers manage to find in even the direst of circumstances.

Protect all life. Bring hope to the desperate. Join the Fight.
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