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[03 Nov 2014|07:46pm]
"The cycle of the lunar cry began tens of thousands of years ago. A traditional dance of life and death between the planet and the moon. Gravity pulls like a tide, and when the moon's surface is so saturated with creatures, it bursts and falls to the planet. It's destroyed nations many times over. It changes the creatures here for the worst, and breathes life into new and terrible dangers. We do not know all of the variables for why it occurs, and it will happen again. We most certainly are not prepared."
    -Dr. Dolfo Curat, Esthar City, March 3rd 2006, on the first Anniversary of the last lunar cry.

It has been nearly ten years since the fall of the last sorceresses, and the anniversary of the last Lunar Cry approaches. The world will never forget the horrors unleashed by Ultimecia and her minions, but together they forge ahead to build a new and brighter future. Esthar has recovered from the onslaught of beasts from the moon, and has opened their borders to other nations, sharing the technological advancements they've honed over decades of isolation. Dollet has regained much of the control of the Galbadian nation as it once had, but the fragile peace is tentative at best. Timber has gained its independence, returning to full strength as a nation in its own right. The island continent of Balamb has seen a new age of development and prosperity. Balamb Garden and its heroes have moved on with their lives, celebrated across the globe for their bravery and sacrifice.

Life has become something better than normal, and not just for he fated six who saved the world. International relations are better than they have ever been. Entertainment as a commodity is no longer a foreign concept. But this peace can be nothing but short lived.

Humanity is flawed, and perhaps some cycles are doomed to repeat for a reason. Steps have been set in motion to shake the foundation of the world to its knees. The next lunar cry is coming, and it brings with it a calamity no one could begin to prepare for.

This may be the final fantasy...
Lunar Cry is a game set in the world of Final Fantasy VIII, allowing both canon characters spanning all FF games and OCs. The game is set just prior to the largest and most disastrous lunar cry the world has ever seen, and will deal with many post-apocalyptic themes.
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