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[21 Oct 2014|08:00pm]



a panfandom game

Ship Info
When you wake up, it's in a clinical, sterile room. White walls. White tile floor. Your clothing is the same as you last remember, though you lack weapons or your usual technology.

However, you have no recollection of where you are or how you got here. There's a door on the far side of the room, and as you get up to open it, one wall ignites with a large picture of a spaceship. This spaceship. A recorded voice, female and chillingly nonchalant, begins to play.

“Hello User, welcome aboard the Centurus II. We are currently on the outer edge of globular cluster NGC 5897. Rest assured your needs will be taken care of, User. Enjoy your time here aboard the Centurus." Crackle. "You'll be here a while.

"Your room number is 322.”

And then the door slides open, affording you a glimpse of a long hallway. It's clear this room is merely an arrival station, and as you begin to walk towards the light at the end of the corridor, you hear that voice behind a door as you pass.

“Hello User, welcome aboard the Centurus II...”

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