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[09 Sep 2014|10:12pm]
interregnum (n.) a period of discontinuity or "gap" in a government, organization, or social order

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they started arriving from many different universes without any apparent reason. the world around them appears to have once been highly developed, but everything had been overrun as nature reclaimed the planet. some started working to reclaim these spaces or moved to build new settlements. others went off exploring. others still began searching for answers.

though no one has the full picture, it appears as if this world was abandoned in anticipation of some catastrophe. it's unclear if it has happened or may happen yet but life in the meantime life must go on. things and people are still too far flung for a new world order but society surely but slowly is starting to rebuild this world into a new home.

first adds will be sept. 14th
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[09 Sep 2014|11:31pm]

Earth is burning. The rest of the galaxy will soon follow. An ancient force of evil is sweeping across known space, leaving destruction in their wake.

As one soldier attempted to rally the civilizations in a last ditch effort, something went awry. Rips in the fabric of space-time have opened, bleeding foreign energies and creatures, into the galaxy. In their desperation in the face of Armageddon, the Galactic Council has made a terrible gamble: they'll find a way to enlist these newcomers to their cause, as they prepare to make their final stand, at the heart of the galaxy- the Citadel...


This is a Panfandom RPG, set in the Mass Effect Universe. Characters from any and all fandoms are wanted, as are original and canon characters from the MEU. Knowledge of the Mass Effect games are not necessary in any way, as the game is intended to allow players to shape their own narratives.

We strive to be a different type of Panfandom game. One where dynamic plot, opportunities for character development, and plain old fun are each given equal measure.

If you want to have your character to explore the wonders of the Citadel, have fun goofing off with friends, and maybe find love along the way, then this the game is for you. On the other hand, if you want your character to have a chance to be a hero, to fight against overwhelming odds, to protect the innocent and crush evil, then this is the ONLY game for you.

How many games allow your character to make decisions that could influence the lives of thousands, or even millions of lives one minute- then put on your dancing shoes and hit up a nightclub with friends the next?

Welcome to the Citadel

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