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[22 Aug 2014|12:46pm]

Exactly ten years have passed since the last Sorceress War. Not only have Squall Leonhart and his team gone on to become public figures in their respective fields of expertise, but the world itself has flourished. Esthar, the once reclusive technological marvel, lowers its cloaking devices in a show of faith to the rest of the world; the absence of Deling City's once tyrannical stronghold over the Galbadian continent allows the passion for transportation and telecommunication to make a triumphant return. A formerly sparse world map sees the reconstruction of towns desiccated by the strains of military occupation, and new settlements seem to pop up overnight.

People, however, are never far from conflict. Vinzer Deling was by no means the only man hungry for power, and the last decade has given rise to countless others poised for global domination. Religious zealots known as Hyne's Descendants decry the use of magic and Guardian Forces by those unworthy, and are rumored to have found ways of tampering with natural draw points to poison its users. Finally a group of concerned citizens, calling themselves Cultivators, advocate for the reformation or complete dismantling of Balamb, Galbadia and Trabia. In the absence of a Sorceress threat they are convinced Garden is but a breeding ground for trained mercenaries at the beck and call of the highest bidder.

Of course, those closely affiliated with the Gardens know that its services are needed now more than ever. A changing world leads to civil unrest, and there are fires big and small to be put out. Their mission statement may have begun with the protection of innocents against Sorceresses, but it certainly hasn't ended there. Our story carries on and the state of the future is still yet to be determined.

[info]junctioned is a Final Fantasy VIII game set ten years after the fall of Ultimecia. It centers around Balamb Garden's staff and student body, with opportunities for further characterization elsewhere. We allow canon FFVIII characters, characters from other Final Fantasy games that can be edited to fit the setting, and original characters.

Currently we are seeking the following: Cadets and SeeDs of all ages! Check our wanted board for sought after lines and characters.
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[22 Aug 2014|03:35pm]


There are so many worlds, fighting so many battles every day. From the mundane to the supernatural and the magical. In the end though, all of these battles are about finding a balance. You can't have simply good, or simply evil. One doesn't exist without the other. So when each battle is fought, every victory won, the energy lost has to go somewhere. Collect like so much space dust.

Welcome to White Hall and Black Chapel. Two sister cities that seem to never have that balance they need. In one, serenity rules, but at the cost of individuality and change. In the other, chaos is the only constant. Tired of the constant imbalance something must be done. Those familiar with the constant battle for balance are brought into a safe and neutral area. The Advocacy Towers. Their new home. Here, they will learn that life isn't as simple as they were used to and the laws of their world, whether supernatural, mundane, or magical, no longer apply. They are free to choose, to try and live in the serenity of White Hall, or the chaos of Black Chapel. Or, if they really want to evoke change, create a balance in both. Just beware. There is so much that can go wrong when worlds collide.

We are a multi fandom game that accepts characters from any television show or movie. Brought in from whatever canon point the writer would like. We also accept limited original characters so please check out all the information and hit our drop box if you have questions!


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