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[18 Aug 2014|01:40pm]
It's been over 10 years since Sunnydale, California was decimated and the hellmouth closed. In that time, Buffy and her friends have done their best to reclaim their lives. They created a new Watcher's Council to help train Slayers and replenish the ranks of the Council after the First destroyed the previous Council.

Over time, though, the Slayers who had been chosen found their powers diminishing and fewer girls were being chosen. It was determined that Willow's spell to unlock the powers of the Slayer was fading and reverting back. While Buffy the crew were busy with life abroad, Sunnydale was busy rebuilding itself.

Now it's 2014 and Sunnydale is back in full force: new homes, new businesses, new schools, and a newly opened hellmouth (and back with a vengeance). With the opening of the new Sunnydale High School, Faith Lehane is sent back to Sunnydale after a long stint in Cleveland to check out the town. With Willow missing, Buffy and Giles have a feeling something big is coming and they need the only other Slayer in the world to keep an eye on things.

Welcome to the new Sunnydale. Here's hoping it doesn't eat you alive.

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