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[03 Jul 2014|04:40pm]
I'm looking for a few players for a Panfandom Group-PSL set in the Mass Effect Universe. Set just prior to Mass Effect 3, my idea was an experiment gone wrong pulls the characters through portal in space time. Weakened and confused, they are quartered on Earth while the military tries to decide how to deal with their arrival. Then the Reapers attack. The characters are forced to escape their barracks, and find a way to survive, and eventually escape the planet amidst a full scale invasion.

The psl would be open to any variety of fandom characters, original and established Mass Effect characters. This universe deviates from canon, so anyone and everyone is welcome- Shepard, Liara, Grunt, Wrex, Mordin, etc. Ideally we'd have 3+ players involved. Themes explored could be the toil of war and survival, romance, heroism, overcoming differences, rising to the occasion, etc.

If successful, this could act as a prelude to a larger panfandom game if people are interested in continuing the storyline.

Possible fandoms-
Star Trek
Star Wars

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