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[22 Apr 2014|05:01am]
Probably the longest shot ever but what the hell - you don't ask, you don't get, right?

Is anyone familiar with the UK TV series Whitechapel? Looking for a few people who might be interested in a small group PSL (or one person who, like me, doesn't mind writing multiple characters). After the goings on in Season 4, I'd love to put a supernatural spin on any potential storyline and maybe even cross it with shows like Supernatural. If some of the huge plotlines were removed from Supernatural and the boys were just back to the monster-of-the-week type fights then it could possibly work well. This is just an idea however, and by no means a must.

There's a contact post at my journal if anyone would like to try to work something out.
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[22 Apr 2014|01:49pm]
Captain James A.S. Hook is a really terrible person. For his own amusement, and possibly something more sinister, he has begun taking things that don’t belong to him. Things that belong to other people and that are important enough to travel to Neverland to retrieve. But the people he’s stealing from aren’t ordinary people, even if they might be convinced otherwise. They think they’re regular old businessmen, housewives and college students. Those are just their short term memories, though. In order to get back their precious items, they must regain their long lost memories and rise to the potential of who they truly are.
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