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Cracked Earth: a panfandom rpg [24 Mar 2014|11:40am]

The Universe created in Cracked Earth is the result of the setting in the Sliders universe. Quinn Mallory, with the aid of Professor Maximillian P. Arturo, created a device that would allow them to "slide" between alternate universes. However, the device didn't work and, instead, created permanent cracks between dimensions. This left one stable area on the planet, protected as if by a giant invisible bubble. Ever since, people have fallen through the cracks of their own dimensions and universes and woken up inside the bubble, which is on an endless journey from one dimension to the next.

Luckily, over time, this protected area became a thriving economic center.

Your character, along with the rest of the cast, has been brought into this safe area. They live in an enclosed town, with housing, shops, restaurants, entertainment and other assorted necessities for day-to-day life. Outside this bubble, Earth's dominant dimension changes on its own. One day, characters might leave the bubble to find it exists within a dimension where a species of aliens has taken over the world. Another they might discover that they're surrounded by a dimension where the American Civil War never occurred.

This is a panfandom, group story examining how characters from various worlds deal with life inside the bubble. And, more importantly, how they react, change and adapt to the different dimensions they'll be subject to if they leave the safety of their safe haven.

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[24 Mar 2014|04:31pm]

You might've been sleeping, walking to work, eating, showering, or in a battle for your life when you suddenly find yourself in front of a sign with nothing but what you had with you at the time of your departure. There is a table at the base of the sign, a radio, key, a map to the city and mobile device sit there waiting. Static suddenly breaks through the silence, and a voice crackles through the radio speakers.

"Congratulations traveler, you're one of the lucky few that have been chosen to populate this particular location."

There is a moment of silence before the voice continues.

"Welcome to Las Vegas, better known as Sin City where fun awaits you! Please make your way to our replica of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to find your room. You are not allowed to reside within any other hotel here in Las Vegas, but you are able to use their facilities, amenities, and casinos. Thank you, traveler, and enjoy your stay in Las Vegas."

The radio shuts off, leaving you in silence.

Upon arriving at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino you notice there are several other people milling about, workers who are going about their business but no matter how many questions you ask them, they will not speak to you, and instead they continue to work.

Going to your room, you find that there on the door is a golden plate that reads your name and room number. Entering the room you find that some of your clothing has arrived, but that's about all you have from home.

And there, on the table in your room, is a complimentary fruit basket, once again welcoming you to Las Vegas.

Game has been open since October 28th.

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