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[16 Feb 2014|12:00pm]



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This land was ours before they came - The Shifters. Some say we brought this on ourselves, striving for more when we already had enough. Our technological advancements were admirable, but something went wrong. Monsters and strangers from unknown lands invaded our home. We retreated into the safety of our Dome and continue to fight for what is ours. This is our home.

The Shift is a dystopian panfandom set in a fictional, futuristic world.

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[16 Feb 2014|12:18pm]
it began with twenty four fighters kidnapped for a televised arena game. the show became a runaway hit. more fighters were gathered. the arenas became grander and more diverse. the living facilities were expanded with increasing luxuries and challenges to occupy the fighters in their downtime. it has become a world of its own.

the aliens who captured the fighters and run the arenas have only acknowledged one motive for their actions: entertainment. obviously there are those who don't believe this or simply don't care and still refuse to play by the rules. struggle and resist or accept your fate, either way, the next arena will come.

let the games begin

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[16 Feb 2014|03:47pm]
Premise Rules Holds App

The Southern Crossing

Every world has a rift. Every individual has a moment when they are on the edge of that rift, at the doorway to another world. It all depends what you're thinking when it opens. "I'm going home!" or "Glad to be getting out of here!" or even simply "Got to go and..." ...and in the blink of an eye you have gone through the rift. But where to?

The Southern Crossing Archipelago is a group of islands that exists somewhere beneath the Southern Cross. Inhabited only by those who have been drawn through the rift, the islands appear to have been inhabited before, but there is no clue as to what happened to those previous residents. Or at least none that's been discovered, or obvious. Did a paradox inside the paradox cause the rift to reopen and take everyone home? Or is something more sinister responsible for their disappearance. There is much to be discovered!

The Southern Crossing RPG is a panfandom, OC-friendly game that is all about your muse/pup/character, writing, exploring character development, plots, plot arcs, and having fun with it! It's a game where all are able to be involved in helping discover the secrets of the Southern Cross archipelago, and have some fun along the way. We welcome plot ideas and suggestions, and give you the opportunity to develop and grow, even canon-update the pups you write (or scribe for!) plus so much more. Drop by and take a look to see if the rift could be opening a door somewhere near you!

The game rating is R+, therefore welcomes applications from players of mature nature, and at least 18yrs of age.

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