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[06 Feb 2014|10:32pm]

To every pack of werewolves there is a Druid emissary. The Druids are advisors, masters of the mystical, and they worship and perform rituals at a sacred space known as a Nemeton. In Beacon Hills, the Nemeton was a great tree chosen to represent the center of the world, now hacked down into a giant stump. The Nemeton was dormant for a long time, but a ritual performed by a desperate trio of teenagers would charge it with power. Once charged, it turned into a magnet, drawing the supernatural to it like a beacon. 

Your character, whether supernatural in origin or completely ordinary, was brought to Beacon Hills by the Nemeton. Chances are that one moment they were in their own world and the next they were waking up next to an imposing tree stump. They couldn’t explain it, but they were drawn out of the woods and into town, gradually finding their way to an apartment complex on instinct alone. Their final destination is an apartment with a key in the locked front door. The key has a tag with their name on it. Turn the key and your character has found their new home. It’s sparsely furnished, but has everything they need including a tablet device that will connect them to a network of people in similar situations. 

Now that they’re here, they’re probably here for good. They can spend their time trying to find their way home, trying to communicate with the Nemeton, or just trying to adjust to a new life. It’s up to you.


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